Young architects build towers and structures

Young architects build towers and structures

More than 8,000 building blocks have to be processed first. For the young "construction workers of the play and construction mobile no problem. The employees of the generationen-zentrum had set up a construction site with signs and equipment next to the fire station for this purpose.

The visitors could build towers and structures to their heart’s content and then let them collapse again. Since it had rained on thursday in hammerbach and the children were busy under the tent roof, the weather on friday was perfect for "building" outdoors. Seven-year-old max and his mother from herzogenaurach also took advantage of the warm afternoon to pay a visit to the spielmobil in hammerbach. Max built a tower out of the building blocks and in the end even the pavilion had to be raised so that the tower could be completed. "Spab has done that", said max, as the blocks spread across the floor again.

From monday, 19. August, until wednesday, 21. August, the play mobile in the weihersbach makes a stop on the meadow behind the playground.

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