With initiative and motivation, the people of kronach achieve a lot

With initiative and motivation, the people of kronach achieve a lot

But purely practical needs were also the topic of the 2. Kronach engagementborse in the heart of the city.

Not only gudrun brendel-fischer, the bavarian honorary commissioner for voluntary work, found inspiring words, but many of the participants promoted their association or institution. "Initiative through perspective," says called it rainer kober of "kronach creativ.

An incredible 1500 associations in the district

Moderator uli noll ("radio eins") could only marvel: "in the city of kronach alone, there are 385 organizations and associations where you can get involved on a voluntary basis. There are an incredible 1500 in the circle. They offer a wide range of opportunities to get involved and experience creative moments."

Gudrun brendel-fischer said that high quality of life comes above all from volunteering and that each one is equally valuable. Her wish for the future was also aimed at certain discount systems that are not yet really available in kronach. "More french offers must be created, because that awakens motivation." The CSU member of the state parliament admitted: "volunteering also helps against loneliness and brings people together."

Discussion group

A discussion round led by uli noll brought different perspectives on the topic of volunteering and commitment. While rainer kober, following the motto "if you don’t do anything yourself, nothing can be done initiator sabine nuber from the kronach coordination center for civic engagement is a differentiator: "there are many different talents and approaches."

Meanwhile, second mayor angela hofmann considered how kronach could become even more attractive. They loved the idea of a contact point for all people with vision and motivation. "It is not enough to define a vision as a goal. You have to take people with you and get them involved." Deputy district administrator bernd steger enthused: "we may not have the roughest, but we certainly have the gentlest county." He said that we should push the concept of mobility.

Theater and music

While the cacilia orchestra, the amateur players of the rosenbergfestspiele and the wirtshaussinger entertained the audience, one could stroll among the stands of about 25 associations and organizations.

Nicole backer received an award from the "family-friendly county", of the girls’ cafe and of the need to consider which generation has which needs.

Tourism boss kerstin low, who sat down at the stand of elisabeth hoffmann from the german nature conservation association, later wanted to get involved in animal protection herself.

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