Wind music breaks up

The wallenfels brass band stops playing after twelve years. The annual general meeting unanimously approved the dissolution of the brass band.

First chairman christian kostner looks back on the foundation in his annual report. When many musicians withdrew from the wallenfels music society in 2006, they decided to simply get together and make music together in an informal way. They quickly rediscovered the joy of playing music together and after a few rehearsals they played a little song for an active musician to celebrate his 50th birthday. Birthday. Word quickly got around that the "old" brass band was no longer needed musicians were playing together again, and after more and more requests for dates came in, it was decided in 2007 to found the wallenfelser blasmusik.

Over eleven years, many appointments were made, z.B. The church fair kick-off at the "sommerkeller" inn, schutzenfest schauenstein, munchberg children’s festival, octoberfest of the barenstarken guys in wallenfels, schutzenfest parade in wallenfels, fruhschoppen at muhlfest wallenfels, advent concert in the town parish church and many more. Special highlights were the participations in the music festivals in friesen, steinwiesen, windheim and kronach. From 2016, however, due to health problems of some active musicians, no more festivals could be played, but until the last performance at the muhlfest 2018, they could always offer good brass music.

Beautiful time comes to an end

At the end of 2018, it was decided with a heavy heart to dissolve the association. This was not at all in a quarrel, you simply noticed that you had a very nice time together, which is now coming to an end.

Kostner expressed special thanks to the cacilia wallenfels choir for their close cooperation – they organized many concerts and trips together – and to the family of andreas and christa stocker for providing a rehearsal room.

Conductor yvonne deckelmann summed up that the wallenfels brass band became an enrichment of the social life in wallenfels. As treasurer peter stumpf explained, after deduction of all costs still to be incurred, the association’s assets will be donated to the next generation of musicians in accordance with the articles of association.

Mayor jens korn regretted the dissolution of the association. Part of the musical life in wallenfels will now be missing. He presented the chairman with a bottle of floberschnaps (grain brandy) for his twelve years of service.

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