“What’s fair? There’s no such thing as absolute fairness,” he says

Jurgen schnaus knows all about fees and contributions. The steinbacher often has to deal with these two concepts from a professional point of view. He works as a clerk in the administrative community of ebelsbach. "A fee is charged for the actual use of the facility. You pay a fee for the possibility of using it." A small, but fine difference, which also comes into play with the new regulation of broadcasting fees. The namlich will contribute from january 2013 to. That is, they must be paid for each apartment, whether inhabited or not, whether equipped with receivers or not.

"Nothing changes for me", says schnaus. The 37-year-old has paid 17.98 euros in GEZ fees so far, with the new contribution that remains the same. He doesn't mind the new rules much, but he can understand if some people are upset about it, because now it's no longer the possession of a receiver that determines whether you have to pay or not. "One could have a fundamental discussion about whether this is fair", he says. Because, strictly speaking, some people are disadvantaged, although only a few were allowed to be. "But what is fair? There is no such thing as absolute fairness", says schnaus.

Contribution is "already justified
For karin frank (72) from ebelsbach, the issue is not too big a deal: "we have a tv set in the house", she says. We pay for it, and nothing will change with the new regulation. For ingrid zehendner, the question of fairness arises: "those who only have a radio now pay more," he says." For the person this is a disadvantage. On the other hand, the new regulation ends the GEZ's "chasing after every television set". She herself currently pays 17.98 euros a month, so nothing will change next year for the 48-year-old and her family. At least she certifies that the public radio program has something to offer, at least in part in terms of quality: "there will be something interesting", she says and tells about good reportages or even documentaries produced on the spot. So she doesn't feel her contribution has been completely wasted.

Stefan helmreich from schonbrunn also leaves the new regulation cold. "Nothing changes for me", he says. He also does not find it really unfair that now every apartment is asked to pay for it. "I can hardly imagine that there is a household in germany that does not have a receiver", he says. Thus, the contribution is "already justified".

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