U.s. To resume death penalty at federal level

u.s. to resume death penalty at federal level

For the first time in more than 15 years, the U.S. Wants to carry out the death penalty again at the federal level. Attorney general william barr has initiated a corresponding change, the u.S. Justice department in washington announced.

The execution of five prisoners against whom the death penalty had been imposed had already been ordered. These were all convicted of murdering children and juveniles, among other things, it said. Their executions are planned for december and january. Further executions were scheduled at a later date. Human rights and civil liberties organizations reacted with disgust

In recent years, several US states had abolished the death penalty or suspended its execution. According to the death penalty information center, the death penalty no longer exists in 20 of the 50 U.S. States. In march, california – the u.S. State with the largest number of death row inmates – also suspended the death penalty by decree, drawing criticism from u.S. President donald trump.

Trump has long been a supporter of the death penalty. After the right-wing extremist attack on a synagogue in pittsburgh last fall, trump once again made clear his support for more frequent use of the death penalty – and for its execution. People who committed such crimes had to get the death penalty, he said at the time. "They should pay the ultimate price."

Cases in which criminals have been sentenced to death by federal courts are in the hands of the federal government. The last federal execution in the U.S. Was in 2003. The death penalty has since been imposed but not carried out. This is what the trump administration now wants to change.

The first of five already scheduled executions is scheduled for 9 a.M., according to the ministry of justice. December planned. A right-wing extremist convicted in 1999 of the murder of a family of three, including an eight-year-old girl. Barr said it was owed to the victims and their families that the death penalty imposed would be carried out.

The human rights organization amnesty international called the decision "uplifting". This is the latest indication of the trump administration’s disregard for human rights, he said. The death penalty is the ultimate cruel and inhumane punishment. The american civil liberties union (ACLU) warned that the U.S. Government should not be allowed to execute people under any circumstances. "This step will set our country back decades," lamented the organization.

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