The week: oktoberfest with amanda lear

The week: oktoberfest with amanda lear

Something is going on. The first wave of autumn flu. Most of the time it happens exactly at the time of the fair – and it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence, as the example of a colleague shows. Which is why they joined the vintners of sommerach for the start of the world’s most beautiful after-beer-is-before-beer folk festival, to be up close and personal with the wies’n innkeepers as they moved in. Quickly we bought an eternal guad-schaugsd-aus-dirndl, which is top news, as the colleague originally comes from dortmund.

Everything was ready, everything was fancy – until the heavy rain came. The colleague turned into a watered poodle who caught a full-blown cold. With the bacilli in tow, the whole editorial team was sneezed all over a little later, which a colleague found so stunning that he in turn sank onto the hospital bed with a fever and a voice like amanda lear once had. Or, as the munchner would say: do legst di nieda!

While we were on the subject of watered poodles, this week we had to read a very unflattering story about a dog owner in kitzingen, germany. The man had not cleaned up the rough shank of his four-legged friend and was therefore approached by a young woman.

What happened next was a real bombshell: the man became cheeky, insulted wildly in the area and threatened to throw the woman’s leavings at her.

In the corresponding police report, by the way, it was said that the rupel refused to "take care of the disposal of the extremities".

After extremities are the limbs, we imagine that with the disposal a little difficult. There is much to suggest that the excrement was meant. So products that come from the gastrointestinal tract.

Now to make the transition to world school milk day is not so easy. This was celebrated this week as well as the ask-a-stupid-question-day and the day of the butterbread.

The former was celebrated by the elementary school students of the kitzingen settlement on the dairy farm of the drobek family in willanzheim, in keeping with the occasion. The stupid question is not art and happens every day. Only the day of the butterbread went down rather. Maybe because in bavaria – not only at wies’n time – everything is in butter anyway.

Die woche always takes a look back on saturdays to see what caught our writers’ eye over the past seven days.

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