The water price in the mannsgereuther group remains stable for the time being

The last meeting of the water supply association of the mannsgereuth group focused on the enactment of a contribution and fee statute to the water supply statute of the association. In the former elementary school in schneckenlohe, there was enough space to keep a distance.

First chairman werner knoth explained that the valid statutes of 11. February 1991 had to be overhauled. For this purpose, the recalculation of the land and floor areas in mannsgereuth and beikheim was necessary. In addition, government councilor georg herold from the legal supervisory authority, the district office of lichtenfels, had prepared a calculation, which he explained in detail.

Although the further development of the red hill building area in beikheim is pending and will cause costs, the water price could be kept at 2.10 euros for the time being. The basic fee for the water payers is 36,00 euro, for the larger payers 72,00 or. 144.00 euro. The production fee was set at 0.44 euros per m² for the land and 4.03 euros for the floor area. The statutes were unanimously adopted. It will be published in the official gazette of the district of lichtenfels, in the municipal bulletins and in the notice boxes in mannsgereuth and beikheim.

To the proposal of andre te kloot to change the water supply contract with the market community mitwitz, the chairman explained that the existing billing method should be maintained, in case of an increase in the purchase quantity at the O, the construction cost subsidy would be charged on a percentage basis with the water consumption.

New composition

Chairman knoth informed that after the municipal elections also the special purpose association has to be reconstituted. He himself is no longer available as a member of the association for reasons of age. The constituent meeting of the special-purpose association will only be possible after the appointment of the committee proposed by the municipalities. As "born members the two burgomasters jurgen gabelein (redwitz) and knut morgenroth (schneckenlohe) as well as two other representatives from both member municipalities are certain to be present. The chairman emphasized that every citizen could be a member of the association and jochen stumpf from redwitz/mannsgereuth agreed to work in the association. 

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