The “herzo” brand has established itself

The 'herzo' brand has established itself

Bernhard panzer "the brand mission statement is the basis for our day-to-day activities", said city marketing officer judith jochmann. "Nothing disappears in a drawer there." Thus, step by step, the herzogenaurach or "herzo" brand is created strengthened and implemented. This is done, among other things, in the typical colors, especially yellow, and with the recurring lettering "herzo.

The brand style, as jochmann jungst stated in the main and finance committee, "has now become established and is being implemented consistently." This is happening in all the city’s facilities and also in public spaces, such as the pedestrian guidance system or on the city’s vehicles.

"The seed is sprouting, stated mayor german hacker (SPD) in the meeting and attested the city marketing "an excellent performance record".

City marketing is very broadly based, i.E. A "cross-sectional office par excellence", hacker added. It has points of contact with all other departments in the town hall. Jochmann, the head of the office for city marketing and culture, also referred to this overlapping cooperation in the subject areas. Core competencies were bundled here.

Ten employees are available, but they are working at the limit of their capacity. "More than that is not feasible", said judith jochmann and also mayor recognized "that everyone is running on edge."

Jochmann also said that organizing and running the many city events is no longer comparable to the past. It is a lot of work that has to be done behind the scenes. It’s no longer possible to manage an event "without a care in the world"."

Without point and comma

In 52 minutes, judith jochmann reported "without a dot or comma, as CSU faction chairman bernhard schwab respectfully acknowledged, all the ongoing activities being carried out in the department. Site marketing includes, among other things, construction site marketing and the pedestrian guidance system. In the meantime, a newsletter has been preserved, which informs its subscribers monthly and has grown from an initial 190 users in 2018 to already one thousand.

In the field of tourism, jochmann was able to give very pleasing figures. Guest nights increased by 39 percent from 2015 to 2018. Last year, 113901 overnight stays were paid for. On average, each overnight stay generates sales of 150 euros in herzogenaurach, said jochmann.

Potential lies dormant

Only businesses with more than ten beds are included, so private rentals and small businesses are not yet taken into account. Jochmann: "there slumbers a potential." If you add the specialist clinic, the total is almost 274,000 overnight stays, which is an increase of 13 percent compared to 2015.

The above-average development is more than remarkable, said the head of the office. Herzogenaurach also benefits from the business travelers in the region, but can also offer them a beautiful small french town.

The number of city tours has increased steadily, and the professional training of the guides is paying off. The number of guest groups has increased by eleven percent. A total of 80 city tours and eight open tours were offered last year.

The fields of action of the city marketing also include the economic demand. Here, jochmann mentioned the reorientation of the herzo vouchers. In the meantime, there are already 41 acceptance points from all sectors. In june 2019, 124 vouchers worth 1815 euros were sold, and the trend is upward. And then there were the events and functions, which were also a lot of work, but had a positive impact. Jochmann: "the constant, qualitative developments are bearing fruit."

New illustrated book

Finally, she announced that a new illustrated book about herzogenaurach is currently being developed and is expected to be published at the end of the year.

The presentation was widely praised at the meeting. "Do good and talk about it", said SPD faction leader curd blank and assessed a regular review as very important. For his CSU counterpart, bernhard schwab, it is important to involve the business community in campaigns, as in the case of construction site marketing. The closures had to be short-lived, and the reductions had to be initiated at short notice.

Sinking numbers?

Schwab said he was curious to see how the number of overnight stays would continue to develop. 2020 the economy is expected to go down. But perhaps the stay of the german national soccer team for the european championship in herzogenaurach will increase the numbers.

Retta muller-schimmel of the grunen had praise for the whole team ready. "But you have to be careful that you don’t get burned out", she advised. "Take your overtime".

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