The daycare center is happy about two employee anniversaries

A whole house full of lively children – that’s what kindergarten teacher christine winkler and nursery nurse cornelia pausch enjoy every day anew, even after more than 30 and 45 years, respectively. For such a long time, the two have enjoyed their profession, which is exciting for them every day anew.

On the occasion of this special, anything but everyday anniversary, the team as well as the boys and girls of the protestant daycare center "unterm regenbogen" prepared for them a small celebration.

The two came to their profession rather by chance. "I actually wanted to become a nurse and had to bridge a year for it", remembers christine winkler. She used the year for a pre-study internship at the "kronacher lebenshilfe", where she worked with preschool children with behavioral problems or disabilities.

She enjoyed this activity so much that she decided to train as an educator. She already did her internship in the kindergarten in unterrodach. After graduating, she worked for a year at the kindergarten in wilhelmsthal. When the position in unterrodach became available, she immediately applied for it, and the pastor at the time, hans-martin gloel, was very supportive.

After leaving school, cornelia pausch had her sights set on a commercial apprenticeship or a job in the home economics sector. She then attended the nursery school in nurnberg, because at that time the training as a nursery nurse also included a year of home schooling. She also found joy in the profession, so that she wanted to train as a childcare worker.

Afterwards, the now 62-year-old worked for two years – from 1974 to 1976 – in the kindergarten in schmolz, before she was transferred to unterrodach. The kindergarten, which is under the.-luth. Church community of unterrodach, even after the birth of their two children. After working full time for many years, she now works part time, partly to have more time for her grandchildren, who now number four.

On the occasion of their anniversaries, christine winkler and cornelia pausch received many compliments and many thanks.

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