Syrian doctor arrested on suspicion of torture

Syrian doctor arrested on suspicion of torture

The federal prosecutor’s office has had a syrian doctor arrested on suspicion of torture. He allegedly beat a prisoner with a plastic pipe and kicked the one lying on the ground in the syrian military intelligence prison in the city of homs in 2011.

The victim died later, but the cause of death is unclear, the prosecution said monday. According to the report, the accused was arrested by officers of the federal criminal police office on friday evening in hesse.

The suspect had been called in as a doctor after the victim suffered an epileptic seizure during torture, according to the federal prosecutor’s investigation. One day later, the health condition of the tortured man deteriorated. The suspect appeared again, this time accompanied by another doctor, according to the karlsruhe press release. Both had beaten the victim with plastic pipes, hit it.

The charges against the suspect, who has lived in germany since 2015 and practiced as a doctor, are crimes against humanity and grievous bodily harm. The man was brought before the investigating judge of the federal court of justice on saturday and has since been held in pre-trial detention.

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