Successful start to the season for the aero club

Successful start to the season for the aero club

The restrictions caused by the corona crisis also affected aviation and the national gliding league throughout germany. The first six league rounds were cancelled. Since the 11. May gliding is allowed again under certain conditions.

Last weekend the bundesliga-season started, with the pilots of the aero-club lichtenfels with only 13 rounds left it is already clear that slips in the ranking will be more noticeable. Lichtenfels' goal is to stay in the class.

With little training, but highly motivated, the six pilots went on a points hunt for the fastest flights in the specified time of 2.5 hours. With strong northeasterly winds of up to 35 km/h and humid air masses with a strong tendency to spread, the weather drew a good outward line that stretched from lichtenfels to zwickau in saxony and back to wertheim in lower franconia.

The line was caught at the right time by the early starters jan kretzschmar and philipp lauer, who each achieved average speeds of 133 km/h over 475 km on an LS8 neo in a close team. Bernhard eder and petra zimmermann-lauer flew a similar distance in the two-seater arcus over 411 km at 124 km/h. The fighting spirit was rewarded with fifth place on the day behind the clubs from kirchheim/teck, aalen, walldurn and last year's winner rinteln. For the U25-juniors it was enough with strong competition also to place 5. Here, in addition to philipp lauer, dominik biesenecker was also on the road on the club's ls7 wl over 320 km at an average of 97 km/h.

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