Safety is the top priority on the summer toboggan run

Safety is the top priority on the summer toboggan run

A summer reporter goes tobogganing? But he is half a year too early, one could think. But do not worry, I have not made a mistake in the date. On the summer toboggan run in pottenstein, tobogganing is not limited to the cold season – on the contrary! Here highspeed-friends can print just in the summer on the tube.

Today I join them – and like the ride on the railroad, my day starts rapidly. The all-morning test ride is coming up. "We have to check that the rails are undamaged and that there are no aste lying on them", uwe heinlein, the railroad's operations manager, tells me. We are pulled up by a rope hoist. I let go of the brake, and off we go down into the valley.

Down through a steep curve to the left, then to the right again, feeling the wind on our faces. This is fun and work at the same time. It can go on like this. The next stop: the workshop of the summer toboggan run. Here uwe heinlein explains to me some basic facts about the track. "On the summer toboggan run, tobogganers have been able to choose between two different tracks since 2003. The yellow train rides like a roller coaster on rails. The red, on the other hand, in a channel similar to an ice rink."

Replace regularly
Here in the workshop the sleds are checked and repaired every morning. Safety is the top priority, so wear parts such as tires and brakes must be replaced regularly. "Safety first" also applies to my next workplace. Just before the visitors are pulled uphill, the belts have to be checked and the behavior on the track explained. I meet belinda soft here, who earns some extra money on the summer toboggan run.
She tells me what my job is going to be: "the first thing you have to do is pull on the seatbelts and make sure that every passenger is wearing a seatbelt", 17 year old schoolgirl tells me. So far so good, but then it gets more difficult. Before the lugers can start their fun, I have to give them some safety tips to follow. "Upstairs please start immediately. On the track, brake in good time, don't tailgate and enter the station slowly at the end", she prays to me.

I first have to internalize the sentences that are probably haunting belinda's dreams by now. For once I am allowed to cheat. But even the note with the sentences does not save me from many a slip of the tongue. But the guests and belinda soft take it with humor. With a friendly "viel spab!" My monologue ends and I release the speed freaks onto the track. After the first ten to fifteen rodlers, I notice how the sentences glide over my lips as if by magic. But I also notice: the constant reeling off of the same sentences is exhausting. I have to think of the expression with the lint in the mouth.
On goes the wild ride to new workplaces around the track. In the train's ice cream concession, soft ice cream and "slush pranks" are served sold. The frenzy with the toboggans and the summer temperatures make you want to cool down. It's clear that I have to get involved.

My first attempts unfortunately do not win an art prize. The operation of the ice cream machines is not so easy, and the wrist swing, with which the soft ice cream is formed to the tower, does not want to succeed me. Not so bad, because there is another place where i can make myself useful.

Somersaults and jumps
In order to offer the younger guests in particular a supporting program, there are other attractions at the summer toboggan run. These include "trampoline bungee jumping". Here children can do saltos and daredevil jumps. Secured by harness and rope of course. My job here is to free the young athletes from their safety belts. I can't do much wrong, and the kids' enthusiasm for jumping soon infects me, too.

A pleasant end to an eventful day. I am at the end of my "ride arrived from work assignment to work assignment. It's a pity that winter is coming soon, because summer tobogganing is in no way inferior to its snowy counterpart in terms of fun and action.

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