Political ash wednesday: free voters ready for change in the district

political ash wednesday: free voters ready for change in the district

Traditionally, the free voters in the district had invited to the political ash wednesday in hemhofen. Political events in the town hall and district administration were commented on over herring and potatoes. District chairwoman irene hausler and district council candidate regina enz made it clear that the political force of the middle was prepared to take on more responsibility – and to unseat the incumbent district councilor.

"As district chairwoman, i don’t really talk about politics in berlin or munich," says enz, says irene hausler. But this time is different. "Because we at the municipal level always have to pay for what is decided up there." Hausler cites the introduction of mandatory vouchers as a current example: "politics is destroying small and medium-sized businesses with more and more bureaucracy. This makes our region poorer", emphasizes the district chairwoman. "That’s why I only laugh when the representative for debureaucratization wants to be celebrated for the abolition of three ordinances. Because at the same time, the 100 have created new regulations", hausler criticizes. At the district office, this means that building permits now take more than half a year to process. Hausler: "soder says if an application takes longer than three months, it should automatically be considered approved. He should rather ask in his offices what the reality looks like."

Transparency is trumps

Stefan machtel is also happy to take up the ball. The chairman of the local association of free voters calls for more transparency in politics. "Of course you also have to say negative things to the burger", stresses machtel. "But it is important to take people along and explain what the situation is and what alternatives there are." But this rarely happens in everyday life, probably because the functionaries of the established parties have too little power of persuasion.

"You can take that for granted with me. Otherwise I won’t be here today as a candidate for the landrat", regina enz notes. "Because young people, especially women, don’t have it easy in politics today. In no party, says the 31-year-old district council candidate.

A year ago, enz, who was then still dukart hieb, stepped onto the political stage of the district for the first time at the political ash wednesday in hemhofen. There is no trace of the restraint of a political newcomer today. Confidently playing to attack. "The district administrator tries to hijack the topic of opnv", criticizes enz. "With a 365-euro ticket, he wants to woo voters and make buses more attractive", she sums up. "This shows: the district administrator has not understood the problem." Because, as the free voters had observed, many buses in the district were still running empty. "If you have to spend just under 400 euros on an annual ticket, you’ll stick to your car", says enz. "Because he has to pay for it anyway."

The district council candidate, like her colleagues from the district council faction, is backing the 1-euro ticket. "No matter how far they travel. No matter what time you are on the road – you should always pay one euro", demands enz and reaps rough applause.

Traffic is an important topic for enz: "because it concerns all of us. Every day." She therefore complains that other groups in the district council are holding on to the erlangen urban-urban railroad (stub), which was clearly rejected in a civic referendum. "Because rail systems are too inflexible for today’s times." Enz therefore wants to rely on tram-like vehicles with electric drives. "Equipped with their own track or corresponding special rights, they offer all the advantages of a tramway", is enz uberzeugt. At the same time, the route remains flexible. "Above all, a short-term commitment is possible. While the stub, if at all, at the earliest in 20 years drive." Regina enz also receives rough approval for this.

No "mass attitude

The attitude of the federal government is also problematic for enz. "The party of our county councilor is being advised in berlin by people who want to force us into the grobstadt by abolishing the commuter allowance", laments enz. "From an economic point of view, it makes the most sense for the state to have us living in a confined space in prefabricated buildings." It is better to equalize the housing situation: "we need a strengthening of the rural area, not a mass attitude."

That goes down well – especially with the young free voters. Olli fischkal is also one of those who will pay. The adelsdorf carnivalist framed the political ash wednesday in his parade role as musical referee.

The final point is then set by the old district council candidate. Martin oberle presents his new election campaign song. He is supported by regina enz and her father, viktor dukart, on the accordion. The trio is upbeat: "we are ready for change.".

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