The daycare center is happy about two employee anniversaries

A whole house full of lively children – that’s what kindergarten teacher christine winkler and nursery nurse cornelia pausch enjoy every day anew, even after more than 30 and 45 years, respectively. For such a long time, the two have enjoyed their profession, which is exciting for them every day anew.

On the occasion of this special, anything but everyday anniversary, the team as well as the boys and girls of the protestant daycare center "unterm regenbogen" prepared for them a small celebration.

The two came to their profession rather by chance. "I actually wanted to become a nurse and had to bridge a year for it", remembers christine winkler. She used the year for a pre-study internship at the "kronacher lebenshilfe", where she worked with preschool children with behavioral problems or disabilities.

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From the “sturmer” to the “sixer

From the 'sturmer' to the 'sixer

Daniel slansky lives in weisendorf and is currently playing in his second season with FC frimmersdorf in the A-class bamberg. He came to the FC through his buddy fabian schobel, who took over the coaching there. The 26-year-old, who trained as a youth player at baiersdorfer SV, has been well received by fans and players alike at the family club and feels right at home. Promotion is also within reach.

Who played you?
Daniel slansky: julian albrecht, with whom i have a long history at tsv neuhaus. We also do a lot together in our private lives. I like him a lot, but i don’t think he’s a fubballer for the B-class, where he’s currently playing for hertha aisch. He would also be one for us in frimmersdorf (laughs).

In frimmersdorf, you are no longer playing in your usual position at forward, how come??
That is right. I was always a center forward before, but when fabian schobel brought me in, he told me that he wanted to play on the “six-position has a hole and was immediately sure that I can do it. Since then I play now in the second season in the defensive midfield.

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The end of the von varells

The end of the von varells

The funeral ceremonies lasted five hours and began at 2 p.M. In front of the castle – where the VG building now stands. In the st.-oswald's church, the coat of arms and helmet of the deceased were later "broken", before his body was laid to rest in the house of god. The fact that local historian dieter geyer can now draw a fairly accurate picture of the end of the varell noble family in untersteinach is a source of satisfaction to the 59-year-old in his hobby. But the fact that it came to this is due to pure coincidence.

At the beginning of december 2012, manfred bergmann from michelau contacted the untersteinach administration. He had a relatively well preserved book with the title "the happiness of the dead" during debris removal work in the parental estate on closer inspection it turns out to be a record of the burial of the last nobleman of untersteinach, georg adam von varell, turned out to be. How it got there will probably always remain a mystery.

Symbolic prize
Mayor heinz burges immediately showed interest in the tape. And all the more so, because although people in untersteinach knew of the existence of such a book, the only known copy in private hands was not available.

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The bob dylan of the alm

The bob dylan of the alm

He spends the summer caring for animals on the alpine pastures, milking cows and making cheese, and when it gets colder, he goes on tour with his guitar and his songs packed away – dominik plangger is a musician who has lost none of his down-to-earthness, despite his ever greater fame and growing success.
He is not afraid to strike a harsh tone and to express his opinion on political and social issues. For his lyrics, plangger has been confronted with threats and hostility, which does not prevent him from continuing to travel from city to city as a songwriter. Saturday, 28. October, he plays on his "transalplant" tour-tour in the culture floor in hallstadt.

With their songs they take a clear political position against nationalism and for tolerance and openness. To whom is your message addressed?
Dominik plangger: the songs "my friend the afghan" and "homeland i wrote this partly out of a certain anger, because it often seems to me that we are moving backwards and are falling into nationalism. In many people the "we are we" makes itself felt-and we can read about it in history, we've been through all this before and we know how it turned out.
Can you make a difference with your songwriting??
I don't know if I can make a difference with my songs, you can't say that. I know that some people sitting in the audience are very touched by some of the songs, either by the lyrics or by the melodies. Whether a song can make a difference? Who knows, maybe the world would look different if we hadn't had a bob dylan or that protest song movement in the 60s.

Your texts seem mercilessly honest and provocative. How does that fit with the upbeat melodies you compose?
It's not that all my lyrics are provocative, I have a lot of ballads and love songs, but a serious text can be sung with a gentle melody, there's nothing wrong with that. Tragedy doesn't always have to be in a minor key.

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Model school oberhaid – among bavaria’s first

model school oberhaid - among bavaria's first

Robert martin is enthusiastic. Things are moving forward. And – oberhaid has almost become a kind of model school: a model municipality as far as the energy sector is concerned. Martin is not an oberhaider. He comes from gundelsheim. He has discreetly inserted himself between the obrhaider. After all, he wants to savor this small stage victory a bit and at the same time motivate them for further efforts. Martin is the district's climate protection officer. With body and soul – and therefore also in oberhaid. At the kick-off on tuesday evening for the creation of an energy concept for the community.

Oberhaid is, as I said, the first in the county and among the first of the bavarian 100 whose energy concept receives a 75-percent requirement. The countdown starts on tuesday evening. The energy concept for the community of oberhaid is to be ready in a year's time. Time is of the essence – the steering group that is to advance the project will meet for the first time today, thursday. The goal: on the one hand, to save energy, and on the other hand, to generate as much as possible locally, to keep economic cycles in the region. Martin knows the key words that will point the way to energy self-sufficiency this evening.

The energy concept is just under 25.000 euros and 75 percent of the costs are covered by the office for regional development (ale). The commitment for this transmitted on behalf of the aledessen energy coordinator andreas eichhorn. The other details were explained by dominik bohlein, authorized signatory of the bamberger company "energievision franken", oberhaid's partners in the next twelve months.

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Little ones have rough ideas

Little ones have rough ideas

"The rough girl in the picture is me. Mom is smaller. But you can recognize them by their bikini." Without being shy, the little painter explained to regional bishop dorothea greiner and 70 guests what she had in mind when she painted her picture: spending a good time with her family. She was one of the winners of the painting competition held this fall by the diakonie bamberg-forchheim in its six daycare centers and two after-school care centers.

"We have thought about how we can make our motto of the year "time for life" even for the smallest ones … Everything has its time" could bring close", reported fred schafer, head of the social services department. The painting competition brought the topic into the daycare centers in a way that was suitable for children and thus also reached the parents. Hundreds of artworks were created in the daycare centers.

A prominent jury consisting of regional bishop dorothea greiner, christine behringer-zeis, head of the bamberg city youth welfare office, and stefan kramer, chairman of the entire employee representative committee of the diakonie bamberg-forchheim, then selected the winners in four age categories from the best 40.

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Nurnberg: exhibitionist masturbates in front of civilian patrol – policewoman injured

Nurnberg: exhibitionist masturbates in front of civilian patrol - policewoman injured

As the police have now reported, officers were able to arrest the man on friday evening (22.12.2017) arrest a suspected exhibitionist in the district of mogeldorf. It was not the only case of this kind in recent days: on saturday, a man molested women in the nurnberg subway.

A policewoman was also injured in the incident on friday. The 41-year-old man first appeared in the mogeldorfer hauptstrabe in a shameful manner and performed sexual acts on himself.

Surprised by civilian patrol

He was also observed by a civil patrol. When the female officer revealed her identity to the perpetrator, he abruptly attacked the two officers and injured a 30-year-old female police officer. The man had to be subdued with immediate force and was then taken to the police station.

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It’s all happening in the county seat

It's all happening in the county seat

With a mixture of sun and clouds, the 40th habfurt strabenfest started on friday. Habfurter strabenfest. Many visitors came to the official opening to see the two festivities that moved from the upper and lower towers and met in front of the old town hall. The habfurt town band and the sterzelbacher musicians as well as hundreds of kindergarten children with their balloons were also part of the event, adding many beautiful colorful spots to the street scene.
Stephan schneider, chairman of the strabenfest association, was delighted to see so many children at the strabenfest on the stage in front of the old town hall. Among the guests of honor was the former district administrator and former mayor of habfurt and honorary burgher of the county town, rudolf handwerker, who had launched the habfurt strabenfest 40 years ago.

Launched in 1978

Deputy district administrator oskar ebert stated: "the habfurt strabenfest is one of the most important festivals in the district and in view of the many children i think it is also an 80. Strabenfest will be held!"
Habfurt’s mayor gunther werner was proud and pleased that his predecessor, a craftsman, had brought the festival into being in 1978, and emphasized how popular the strabenfest still is.
To the sound of the bollerschusses of the royal privileged guardian society 1430 habfurt the balloons of the more than 500 kindergarten children rose into the air – as a sign that the street festival was open. The guests were spoilt for choice, because there was a lot to see, to discover and to enjoy on the main stage at the market place as well as in the whole city center.

Versatile offer

Many took the opportunity to grab a snapshot among the special offers of the shops, to enjoy the walk acts, to listen to the many music groups and bands, to get information at the booths of the clubs and companies or to participate in raffles. Naturally, the colorful program on the main stage on the market square also attracted many spectators.
Among other things, the children were fascinated by michael petermann’s magic show, rode on the children’s train, climbed on the merry-go-round or the children’s airplane, loved face painting, let off steam on the bungee trampoline, rolled through the water in rough pads, tried their hand at outdoor bowling or rushed around the children’s flea market. Young and old can look forward to this saturday. A great program awaits you starting at 11 a.M.

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Buying raffle tickets at the brk – a “must

Buying raffle tickets at the brk - a 'must

Reaching into the lottery pot with excitement and opening the little paper rolls – in the hope of a fair price and above all in the certainty of supporting the valuable work of the rescuers: a detour to the gluckshafen of the bavarian red cross (BRK) is a must for almost every visitor to the kronach free push. For the volunteers of the BRK family, the attraction means a lot of work, but they are happy to do it. The best thing for them is to present the new owners with great prizes such as stuffed animals, toys, useful household items and, of course, the iconic one-point prizes.

This year, too, raffle ticket buyers can look forward to a colorful assortment of toys, sporting goods, consumer goods and much more. BRK honorary manager ralf schmidt was again responsible for the purchase, this year for the first time together with silke weniger, head of the “rotkreuzbienchen”-nursery, responsible. Both companies have made a concerted effort to once again offer the gluckshafen region attractive prices that are suitable for every age group. No easy undertaking! “Actually, people have everything, female schmidt. Every year there are new trends in stuffed animals – this year pandas, dolphins, hamsters and especially unicorns, which had to be bought in may to get them. Camping items such as frying pans and small tents are also very much in vogue. In all of this, the emphasis is on quality. In particular, branded articles are being used – for example “lena” toys or “brother, both not exactly cheap.

The sale of raffle tickets is done exclusively on a voluntary basis. 120 helpers from the BRK’s extended family are working in several shifts this year. There are no problems in finding vendors. The service is fun; many have been involved for many years.

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Relaxedness as wm recipe – popp: “i am very relaxed”

relaxedness as wm recipe - popp: 'i am very relaxed'

Alexandra popp is not yet nervous about the project. Even three days before the opening match at the women’s soccer world championship against china, the german captain seems extremely relaxed and confident.

"Of course it is a great honor for me to lead the team onto the field as captain for the first time at a world cup. But I’m still very relaxed, the tingling will probably come on friday evening when you go to bed," said the 28-year-old attacker from double winners vfl wolfsburg, looking ahead to the first game of the DFB-elf on saturday (15.00 o’clock/ARD and DAZN) in rennes against the asian women.

At the home tournament in 2011 and the world championships four years ago in canada, the own expectations and the public demands on the two-time world and eight-time european champion, who is accustomed to success, were much higher, explained popp on wednesday. "Because everyone said beforehand that germany would be world champions anyway. We don’t have that pressure now."

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