Carports replace garages at the fire station

Carports replace garages at the fire station

The three garages at the firehouse, which are rented out, will be demolished and replaced with two carports with a steel base structure. Cost: around 30.000 euro. That’s what the council’s building committee decided on tuesday evening.

The access to the parking areas will be in the future through the side road to the old waterworks and no longer through the forecourt of the fire department. This way, car owners and firefighters will no longer get in each other’s way. The latter hold on the forecourt again and again exercises. In addition, garages are expected to become available not far from the old waterworks, which the tenants will be able to use.

Construction engineer heiko schiwatsch from altenkunstadt presented the committee members with two demolition options for the garages, which are suffering from the ravages of time. They are rented and belong to the municipal apartments, which are located in the fire department building. The members of the committee decided on the following slogan. Since the existing garages were built into the slope, the yard used by the fire department will be secured against slipping off the slope by means of an angular retaining wall. How the transition to the courtyard will be designed, is to be determined at a local meeting.

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Biathlete dahlmeier believes in recovery in olympic winter

biathlete dahlmeier believes in recovery in olympic winter

Soon laura dahlmeier wants to be the same again. "I’m sure that now it will go forward again peu à peu", said germany’s rough olympic gold hope before the departure from hochfilzen.

At the last world cup of the year in annecy-le grand bornand, it’s all about dahlmeier and the other german biathletes on thursday (14.15) off with the sprint competition. Saturday will be the pursuit and sunday the first mass start of the season.

For the seven-time world champion, it will be a really stressful time afterwards. After the last world cup race of the year, it’s off to baden-baden to vote for athlete of the year. And after her five gold medals at the world championships in hochfilzen in february, dahlmeier is the top favorite for the women’s title. She was then the successor of tennis-queen angelique kerber. And she became the first biathlete after record world champion magdalena neuner to be crowned athlete of the year.

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Bavarian state forestry operation in bad bruckenau: 387 wild boars killed in pressure hunts

bavarian state forestry operation in bad bruckenau: 387 wild boars killed in pressure hunts

Already in the hunt year 2017 one obtained 372 wild boars in the pressure hunt season, it heibt in a press release of the bayerischen staatsforsten.

African swine fever

According to the friedrich loffler institute (FLI), the federal research institute for animal health, african swine fever (ASF) is a viral disease of domestic and wild pigs, but is not dangerous to humans. The ASF originates from the sahara and sardinia and found its way to eastern europe through georgia and the caucasus. In germany, however, no traps have yet been reported.

While ticks are blamed for transmission in the mediterranean region, they play a minor role in the northern latitudes here. However, the main vector of the disease is the human being, since the virus, which is not dangerous for humans, can be transmitted via food waste. For example, a carelessly discarded sausage sandwich with infected pork can potentially become a problem for the omnivorous wild boar. This theory is held responsible for central europe’s so far only ASP case in belgium.

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Wind music breaks up

The wallenfels brass band stops playing after twelve years. The annual general meeting unanimously approved the dissolution of the brass band.

First chairman christian kostner looks back on the foundation in his annual report. When many musicians withdrew from the wallenfels music society in 2006, they decided to simply get together and make music together in an informal way. They quickly rediscovered the joy of playing music together and after a few rehearsals they played a little song for an active musician to celebrate his 50th birthday. Birthday. Word quickly got around that the "old" brass band was no longer needed musicians were playing together again, and after more and more requests for dates came in, it was decided in 2007 to found the wallenfelser blasmusik.

Over eleven years, many appointments were made, z.B. The church fair kick-off at the "sommerkeller" inn, schutzenfest schauenstein, munchberg children’s festival, octoberfest of the barenstarken guys in wallenfels, schutzenfest parade in wallenfels, fruhschoppen at muhlfest wallenfels, advent concert in the town parish church and many more. Special highlights were the participations in the music festivals in friesen, steinwiesen, windheim and kronach. From 2016, however, due to health problems of some active musicians, no more festivals could be played, but until the last performance at the muhlfest 2018, they could always offer good brass music.

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Into the new year with god by your side

Into the new year with God by your side

For the catholic parishes and the city of herzogenaurach, 2017 was an eventful year. In the city parish church st. The parish priest helmut hetzel looked back on the old year, but also looked forward to the new one.
In the well-attended church, hetzel celebrated the year-end service with chaplain sebastian schiller, father moison michael, father justine paul palimattom and pastoral advisor thomas matzick, supported by 20 altar boys from the entire pastoral area.

Three towers festival as high point

Hetzel advised in his introduction to look at the past year with the "eyes of the heart" to reflect. In his introduction, he addressed, among other things, the good and bad sides this year. But it was not only necessary to look back, but also to look forward, because we had god on our side. Hetzel advised that when looking back, one should also reflect on the people who are important to one or what has happened to each person personally.
The review of life in the pastoral area covered the four years of the joint pastoral area. The "miteinander" information booklet appears with a thematic focus with two issues per year. It informs about dates and church services. There are "focal point services", says on new year's eve or at whitsun, in the past year also at the herzo base. The parish offices are now so well networked that a contact person can be reached at any time. Particularly noteworthy in the pastoral area is the three towers festival of 2016, which was "unforgettable moments" for all three parishes had kept ready. All groups of the parish went in a procession to the weihersbach, where a festive service was celebrated.
The past year was also looked back on. The 94 departures were offset by four rejoins. 126 deceased were laid to rest, and 85 children were baptized. 102 children received the sacrament of first communion, 63 the sacrament of confirmation, and 27 couples were married.
Pastoral counselor matzick drew attention to the upcoming restructuring of the pastoral areas. In many places there were fears and anxieties. However, it is necessary to enter into a dialogue with hannberg, weisendorf and grobenseebach. "Jesus gives courage to be in the same boat with the new parishes", says matzick. Hetzel concluded the mass with a blessing and dismissed the congregation for the new year's eve.

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Opel plant in bochum facing closure

Opel plant in bochum facing closure

This is what the head of the works council, werner einenkel, told the dpa news agency on saturday, confirming statements made by WDR. Although discussions were still underway with the state government about alternatives, these were made even more difficult by the planned closure of the transmission plant in 2013. "The situation has never been so serious and threatening," said einkel. Speculation about the end of the opel site in bochum has been rife for months now.

It was not quite clear whether the communication thread with the management was finally broken. But according to einkel, the management seems determined to close down the traditional plant. No reasons were given in the announcements, the head of the works council complained. As long as cars were still being built in bochum, he still saw a chance of preserving the location.

Next monday, the works council will hold a staff meeting to inform employees about the situation. The management has been invited and asked to comment on the plans and to explain the closure plans, he says. The zafira family van is manufactured in bochum.

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Impatience grows in forchheim

impatience grows in forchheim

Werner schaup sits in front of a revolving shelf and takes out a folder on the subject of flood protection. Since the catastrophic rain in the summer of 2007, nearly 20 folders have accumulated. Schaup, head of the civil engineering office in forchheim, pays for: design plans, further plans, plans for "preventive flood protection in kersbach, ground surveys…

Everything is ready to start with the construction of protective measures. But the crucial question has not been answered: will the municipalities of forchheim, baiersdorf, langensendelbach, effeltrich and poxdorf succeed in joining forces to form an association?? In other words, if the five potential partners in a special-purpose association can agree on who will pay what share of the 30-million-euro flood protection project, it will be up to them to decide?
Flood protection is difficult to communicate to the public, says werner schaup: "you can’t make people understand that we’re working on it because they can’t see anything."

Mayor franz stumpf understands the impatience of the population. It "worries" him, he recently told the city council that no "solution for flood disposal" had yet been found for kersbach and burk found.

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U.s. To resume death penalty at federal level

u.s. to resume death penalty at federal level

For the first time in more than 15 years, the U.S. Wants to carry out the death penalty again at the federal level. Attorney general william barr has initiated a corresponding change, the u.S. Justice department in washington announced.

The execution of five prisoners against whom the death penalty had been imposed had already been ordered. These were all convicted of murdering children and juveniles, among other things, it said. Their executions are planned for december and january. Further executions were scheduled at a later date. Human rights and civil liberties organizations reacted with disgust

In recent years, several US states had abolished the death penalty or suspended its execution. According to the death penalty information center, the death penalty no longer exists in 20 of the 50 U.S. States. In march, california – the u.S. State with the largest number of death row inmates – also suspended the death penalty by decree, drawing criticism from u.S. President donald trump.

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Buchholz wins bronze at “german

Buchholz wins bronze at

Niklas buchholz from TSV hemhofen took third place over the 2000-meter distance at the german youth handicap championships in monchengladbach. In the u20s, the german U18 handicap champion from 2015 had to take the motto "do it again, niklas" beaten only by lennart mesecke (LG nord-berlin) and jannik seelhofer (SC melle). With 5:47,41 minutes he snatched the place on the podium. Theodor schell of LSC hochstadt finished ninth among the 16 starters in the final in 6:01.76 minutes.

Buchholz fights against altere

Buchholz's task was comparatively difficult, because this year he competed in the u20s as a younger player against much more experienced opponents. The two youth world cup starters and eventual winners pressed the tempo from the start and immediately separated the field. Buchholz showed courage and tried to follow together with two other runners. The gap to the leaders became bigger after half of the race and so it came to a showdown for the third place in the three-headed chasing group on the home stretch.
Here the hemhofener mobilized unimagined forces and shook off a chaser before the last obstacle. Shortly before the finish line, he managed to intercept the other opponent and secured bronze. With a new best time and 18 seconds faster than in the previous year, he proved that the regular training at the base in erlangen under squad coach jorg stacker, coupled with the technical and coordination training with rudiger selig, has paid off in every respect.

Six weeks break

Now niklas buchholz has earned a six-week break and can then start the preparation for the season with great self-confidence, as the fastest of his age group."

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Buchbrunn shows how it’s done: it’s also possible without trade tax money

Buchbrunn shows how it's done: it's also possible without trade tax money

While chambers of commerce in the town halls are complaining about falling business tax revenues, mayor hermann queck cannot complain in buchbrunn. The reason: the municipality has hardly any business tax revenue to report. At the same time, the municipality has planned some noteworthy major investments, some of which have already begun to be implemented.

A burger house is being built in the center of the village, right next to the town hall. A community-owned building from the 19. Century is herefor auendig rebuilt and extended by annexes. The challenge for architect martin zeltner and contractor thomas koch (ochsenfurt) was to remove walls and replace ceilings in the old building, which was partly built as a half-timbered structure, to create space for a community hall with 70 seats. A smaller hall can accommodate 20 people. Contrary to the original plan, a staircase to the five rented apartments on the upper floors will not be built.

The front elevation with the distinctive door will remain, but the main entrance will be relocated to the rear area. In addition to two handicapped-accessible parking spaces, six additional parking spaces will be built there. The plans provide for completion in mid-2021 and allow the preservation of the rough chestnut tree. The office for rural development (ALE) claims the construction costs of 900,000 euros at 500,000 euros.

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