Out of the aquaria?

Out of the aquaria?

Simone bastian actually, it’s good news: the city was able to obtain money from a federal program for the partial renovation of the aquaria baths. But for harald beetz, this is also bad news: when the indoor pool is renovated, swimming will not be possible there for a long time. Harald beetz, responsible for swimming courses at the coburg swimming club, is worried about the children: "before corona, the clubs that offered swimming courses had three-digit numbers on the waiting lists after the first lockdown 1000. If the pool is closed for two years, it will be 3000."

This has exacerbated a problem that already exists from the point of view of the sports clubs: there are too few swimming pools for everyone who wants to or should swim. The coburg sports association, as the local umbrella organization for all sports clubs, has therefore suggested to the mayor of coburg and sports spokesman dominik sauerteig (SPD) that the aquaria should concentrate on the leisure and wellness sector, says michael schulz. For swimming courses and schools "what is socio-politically important", the chairman of the coburg sports association calls for a solution of his own.

The aquaria has an instructional pool and a sports pool available for use. Both use schools, VHS, and the coburg swimming clubs. The training pool alone is occupied for 24 hours and 45 minutes per week, harald beetz has calculated. The schools have a total time allotment of 12 hours. But for the swimming courses alone, there is a need for 34 hours, says beetz.

In addition, the sports pool is also used for courses and training of sports clubs. This repeatedly leads to conflicts with visitors to the pool who want to swim their laps in the sports pool. They didn’t always understand that they only had one lane, says beetz.

For schulz it is clear that the needs of the clubs and schools alone were enough to occupy a swimming hall alone. In addition, the aquaria already focuses on the leisure area: in addition to the swimming pools, there are two adventure pools with a current channel and bubble loungers, the children’s adventure pool and the giant slide in the indoor area.

In the past few years, it wasn’t just the teaching pool at the ruckert school that was demolished, says beetz. These pools have also been closed in witzmannsberg, weitramsdorf and seblach. Coburg’s sports clubs are already taking their swimming courses to nearby pools – once even to a hotel – but there is still a greater demand for swimming courses than can be met, says beetz.

Sauna instead of sports pool

In 2010, a new club and school pool was planned at the aquaria, recalls klaus geuther, honorary chairman of the swimming club and himself for many years at the helm of the sports association. The new sauna has now been built on the flat area intended for this purpose. "Our interests do not play a role for the operators of the aquaria", says schulz. Since 1998, suc has been responsible for the pool and thus also for the investments. In addition, the suc take over the operating deficit for the pool, which otherwise the city had to cover.

Nevertheless, michael schulz, harald beetz and klaus geuther consider the separation and the construction of a club pool to be sensible: the aquaria could take over the area of leisure, health and wellness, and a separate sports pool could be available to schools and clubs. Schulz mentions the pool parking lot, the rear flobanger "or the aquaria doesn’t need so many flats anymore" as possible locations.

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