Old school holds new opportunities

Old school holds new opportunities

These were intense weeks, very intense. "We have done it, that is the most important thing", says BBZ school director georg gibler. 1500 moving boxes had to be packed and unpacked again. "There is a bit of melancholy in it", admits the principal. A little bit. "We are very much looking forward to the new school building", he says. With the final handover of the old BBZ to mayor michael kastl (CSU), the city of munnerstadt can now dispose of the huge complex, including its inventory. For the upcoming feasibility study, the head of the city wanted to set a direction. That’s why the city council of munich visited the site on saturday.

Together with the schoolchildren, the teachers packed the boxes in the week before the vacations. Although new tables, cabinets and chairs are available in the new BBZ, the teaching materials are needed. This includes pots, pans and crockery as well as musical instruments and even a grand piano. With six schools united in the BBZ, a lot of things are coming together. It was possible to combine what was useful with what was necessary. Because moving is on the curriculum at both the vocational school for nutrition and care and the school for special needs education. It is hard to get more practical than this. Everyone involved was happy that the district office sent karsten scheuring to munnerstadt for four weeks to coordinate the entire move. He will also be at their side for a few more days.

For the actual move a company was available, but the boxes had to be unpacked again during the vacations. That’s why teachers, administrators and janitors were concerned. No one was free during the vacations. They have worked really hard, confirms the deputy principal christian zintl. He was at the BBZ for seven years and has been a teacher for 21 years. Principal georg gibler has been with the school for 31 years. No wonder there is a bit of melancholy in the air. What they won’t miss: the fear in the morning that the heating has broken down again or that water has penetrated through leaking windows. "We now have a very modern building that is completely digitalized, says christian zintl. It is the most modern school in the county and beyond.

The fact that the city was still able to prepare the parking spaces at the train station is thanks to michael kastl’s energy, praise the two school principals, who are naturally very happy about this. There has been intensive cooperation between the BBZ and the city, but also with the principal of the schonborn grammar school, peter rottmann.

"We are glad that we had karsten scheuring", mayor michael kastl also says. Some have moved out, others have moved in. The city has stored some furniture from the agricultural school in the old BBZ. All this was coordinated by karsten scheuring. "That worked out very well, praises the mayor.

Michael kastl doesn’t want to waste any time. For him, it is important that the city council first gets a picture of the building and the situation there. This happened just one day after the closing ceremony. "We have commissioned a feasibility study", he recalls. "I think it makes sense to define the general direction beforehand." It should be known whether it is to be completely demolished or whether parts of it can still be used, even if it is only the floor slab. The entire BBZ site, including the agricultural school and the indoor swimming pool, is now in the hands of the city. It is a great chance for munnerstadt.

But with the building, the municipality also has "excellent furniture" get. The furniture from the principal’s office and the secretary’s office in the old BBZ are now in the new music school. He had said that the move of the music school to the former agricultural school had to be cost-neutral, but he had not thought that there would be such mobels to go with it. The other furniture of the BBZ will go to city institutions or will be bewitched. "I would be happy if we could enchant a complete classroom at schools. There again it is put to good use."

"It was very good that we did this now," he recalls, michael kastl looks back on the past week. "Very intense and productive", added georg gibler. On monday, 9. In november, the school will start operating in the new BBZ, and the city of munster will now pave the way for the future use of the old BBZ land.

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