“Nordadler”: seehofer takes action against neo-nazi group

Federal interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) has banned the neo-nazi group "nordadler," which is mainly active online. In north rhine-westphalia, saxony, brandenburg and lower saxony, a total of more than 130 police officers raided the homes of seven leading representatives of the group on tuesday morning.

The federal ministry of the interior attributes several dozen members to the right-wing extremist group, which operates primarily online.

According to the ministry, neither weapons nor explosives were found within the first few hours. "Primarily pcs, laptops and cell phones were confiscated," a spokesman said. "In addition, nazi literature, reich war flags and other devotional objects such as steel helmets were found." There had been neither arrests nor interceptions. "Those involved were predominantly cooperative."

"I will ban associations and groups that spread hatred and incitement and wish for the re-establishment of a national socialist state," seehofer declared. "Right-wing extremism and anti-semitism have no place with us, neither in the real nor in the virtual world."

According to the federal interior ministry, the group pursues a national socialist ideology and also goes by the names "volkische revolution", "volkische jugend", "volkische gemeinschaft" and "volkische renaissance". The right-wing extremists profess their allegiance to adolf hitler and other important representatives of the nazi regime, and use symbols and language that are relevant to them.

Under these different names "nordadler" spreads folk propaganda on the internet and in chat groups. "The group’s leader is here deliberately trying to recruit younger internet users, to indoctrinate them and thus to create enemies of the constitution," according to the interior ministry, which is making efforts to block and delete the pages. On tuesday, israel was still referred to as a "terrorist state" on influential websites. In lyrical garlands of words, he warned of "half-dark waters of uncertainty and hypocrisy," and affirmed that he wanted to make a contribution "so that the good german souls are not torn to ruin by a false flame, a false spirit.

The group is described as distinctly anti-semitic. The leader had expressed sympathy for the attack on the synagogue in halle in a public group on the messenger service telegram, the ministry said. The group has an aggressive attitude, which is expressed, for example, in fantasies about violence against police officers.

In the attack in halle last october, a 28-year-old german attempted to break into a jewish house of worship. When that failed, he killed two people on the street and in a doner snack bar. He will have to stand trial in july.

The ban on "northern eagle" is, according to the ministry, the 20. Ban on a right-wing extremist association by a federal interior minister and the third this year. In january the association "combat 18" was banned and in march the reichsburg association "united german peoples and tribes.

Mathias middelberg (CDU), the domestic policy spokesman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the bundestag, praised the ban. "Whoever, despite the holocaust and the second world war, still glorifies national socialism today and approves of anti-semitic attacks like the one in halle, must face the full force of the democratic constitutional state," he told the german press agency.

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