New secretary general introduces himself in banz

New secretary general introduces himself in banz

"Banz is the incarnation of our regional thinking in munich", says oliver jorg, the new secretary general of the hanns-seidel-foundation. The swabian native got to know the education center in the former monastery buildings a good ten years ago when he became a member of the state parliament and traveled there for the first time for a conference. "Banz is a huge cultural asset", he remarks appreciatively. The "songs on banz" festival is a crystallization point, a highly successful event, which will be continued with the participation of the hanns-seidel-foundation.

"Of all the political foundations in germany, we’re the only one that still allows itself such a crude aubenstandort", says oliver jorg about banz monastery. In the meantime, the other foundations have used hotels for their seminars. "We deliberately don’t want to go down this route." To him, the "swabian socialized in franken", it is important that the hanns-seidel foundation offers political education throughout bavaria. At the moment, internal priorities for the next few years are being determined: "what are the main challenges that people are facing and to which we want to respond??"

Brutalization of language

The question of the danger to our democracy certainly pays off, because there is a tendency toward extreme, even extremist attitudes. Oliver jorg cites the lost debate culture and a brutalization of language as indicators. This phenomenon can be found in all areas of society. It appears mainly in internet publications and can be found on bloggers as well as youtubers. That’s why the hanns-seidel foundation is thinking about awarding a blogger prize to honor linguistically successful blogs. Oliver jorg describes how his eleven-year-old son took this announcement from his father: "i wanted to do something that would interest everyone and that would be friendly."

Focus on the digital world

In the future, he continues, there will be considerably more seminars dealing with the digital world. There is an urgent need to train local politicians so that they can connect with young people. The term "home plays a central role in this. Because home is where people have their roots. One focus of the foundation’s educational work must therefore be on the question: how are the communities that organize the homeland positioned?? The foundation’s worldwide development cooperation, which is working on about 100 projects in around 60 countries, will continue unchanged.

The 2020 foundation also attaches great importance to the interaction between man and nature. In this field, it is important to clarify how ecology and economy can be reconciled and what role the consumer plays in this process. In the area of people and technology, many questions also had to be answered: how is our working world changing?? How we make seniors fit? How does this change society??

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the CSU before. Plans have already been made for this. Oliver jorg talks about not printing a commemorative pamphlet that would just gather dust on shelves anyway. A publication on contemporary history with 75 questions (and answers) is being considered – such as: who invented the CSU??

The general secretary also wanted to offer a digital service that could be extended to all district associations: "a participatory portal is to be created for everyone who is interested in party history and wants to have local access to bring history to life."

What will become of the mummy?

Oliver jorg responsibly deals with the heritage of duke max from the 19th century. Century, which the foundation exhibits in the banz monastery museum. Among them are two mummified shrunken heads and the mummy of an egyptian princess. The hanns-seidel foundation should be an ethical role model in this field, says oliver jorg. A symposium will be held, attended by philosophers, theologians and museum scholars. "We are a house that can bring everyone together", he says. This expert meeting could be the basis for a new conception of the oriental collection of herzog max.

Oliver jorg’s curriculum vitae in bullet points

Vita oliver jorg was born in aalen in 1972. After taking part in a development aid project in albania and completing his civilian service with the arbeiterwohlfahrt, he studied law at the university of passau and the catholic theological private university of linz, specializing in arabic as a foreign language. In 2000 he came to wurzburg, where he passed his first state examination. He spent his legal clerkship at the wurzburg district court, the wurzburg public prosecutor’s office, the city of wurzburg, the government of lower franconia and a law firm. After his second state examination, he was admitted to the bar in 2004. He then went on to run his own law firm in wurzburg together with a partner. Jorg is the father of three children.

Politics in october 2007, jorg was chosen to succeed walter eykmann as the direct candidate in the wurzburg-stadt constituency for the 2008 state elections. He won the election and was elected to the bavarian state parliament for the first time in october 2008. In the state elections in october 2018, he lost his direct mandate. Since 1. July 2019 he succeeds peter witterauf as secretary general of the CSU-affiliated hanns-seidel foundation. Wikipedia.

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