New photovoltaic plant planned for 26 hectares

The change of the land use plan and the creation of a development plan "hauslein" for the already discussed new photovoltaic field in the area of the aussiedlerhofe was presented by martin beil of the commissioned planning company in the meeting of the community council.

Wattmanufactur, a renewable energy company based in schleswig-holstein, germany, plans to build a photovoltaic plant on 26 hectares of land. With the necessary marginal strips and compensation areas, around 31 hectares of agricultural land are to be used for the new plant to be built. The costs for the new plans are borne by the energy company, which has already concluded preliminary contracts with the landowners.

Species protection is examined

With regard to the development plan, a possible soil monument in the plan area must be taken into account. With regard to the existing fauna, species protection assessments are still to be carried out. Beil explained that if the project proceeds according to plan, the plant is expected to be completed in the first half of 2010. The project is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021. The municipal council gives its approval to the preliminary draft of the plan. Mayor rainer morper (ABB/community of interest) noted that the community wanted to create opportunities for renewable energy to help protect the climate. The plans will now be forwarded to the public authorities, the authorities involved and the neighboring communities for their comments. The plan for the early participation of the citizens is to be implemented in short and for the first time also on the internet.

Building application

A building application for the construction of a retaining wall and a storage room for garden equipment on a plot of land in the development was approved by the municipal council. He also approved the plan for the partial demolition of a barn and its conversion into an apartment on leo gunder street. Exemptions from the development plan with regard to roof shape and slope were granted. An application has been submitted for the construction of a double garage with a granny annexe on hop lane. The community council also approved the preliminary planning with regard to the exemption from the trench-side building boundary prescribed in the development plan.

The council also approved the application to build two parking spaces and a balcony extension in hopfenweg, and the exemption from the building boundary on the street side was granted.

Telekom wants to cut back on telephone

The telecom informed the municipality that it plans to remove the base phone in the center of the village, since no use is ascertainable. Markus lomb (CSU electoral group) said that it should be retained, as the patchy mobile radio network in the community is problematic for emergency calls. The city council agreed with this argument and rejected telekom’s request.

After the plan of a developer in the reichlersweg development area was rejected at the last meeting, a new situation has arisen in the meantime. The former carpenter’s shop in the area has been sold to a printing company. The site was not previously connected to the sewer, which must now be made up according to the specifications of the district office. The community council made the decision to connect to the canal in the triebweg. According to the district office, the municipality is not obligated to further develop the area.

Stele at the grave field

The municipality has set up a burial ground in the cemetery where anonymous burials can also be carried out. It was foreseen that a stele would also be erected on which a nameplate of the buried could be placed if there was interest. Councilman stefan sixt (CSU electoral group) presented a design he had drawn up himself. The building committee wants to get an idea on site and present a proposal in the next meeting.

Mayor rainer morper informed that a cleaner is needed for the town hall and the toilets. Applications can be submitted to him or the VG.

Care of the plant islands

In the mayor’s opinion, the maintenance of the various communal plant islands and tree discs leaves room for improvement. Since it is not feasible for the municipal workers to do the work, he suggests that a company be commissioned to do it or that a 450-euro employee be employed to do it.

Weakly he signaled the hope that the residents could take care of this flat. Various suggestions were made from the community council as to how the residents could be supported in this respect. In the end, the decision was made to find a part-time employee for this task.

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