New fdp turmoil ahead of triennial

New fdp turmoil ahead of triennial

Doring rejected the accusation that he had accused his predecessor christian lindner of a coup attempt. In a letter to the parliamentary group and the federal executive committee, which was made available to the news agency dpa, doring explained that his statements had been taken completely out of context. He asked for apologies for any irritation that may have arisen.

In FDP circles, the incident was judged to be unhelpful ahead of the important party meetings in stuttgart. There, rosler, who is under pressure, will try to show the party a way out of the crisis in a speech lasting just under an hour on friday. The FDP remains at a polling low: in the new election trend from "stern" and RTL, it comes in at only three percent.

According to "stern," doring is said to have accused lindner of resigning from the office of secretary general only in order to be able to become FDP leader himself. "He believed that the situation (…) is so unstable that philipp rosler has to resign and that the party will then call him, the coarse intellectual."

Lindner unexpectedly left the party in mid-december, two days before the FDP’s delicate membership vote on the euro bailout fund (ESM). He wants to take part in the three-icon meeting in stuttgart.

In an interview with the "stuttgarter zeitung" on wednesday, doring explained that he had only wanted to explain various motives for lindner’s resignation, which had been discussed in the party. "But i have not expressly adopted any of the various interpretations as my own."

Development minister dirk niebel told the "leipziger volkszeitung" (thursday) that lindner still has every chance in the FDP in the future – even of becoming party leader.

Doring also said of rosler that he was "an outstanding chairman, but not a bully in terms of style, but first and foremost a strategist, motivator and moderator. In the "stern" again it hit: "this everyone against everyone is also repugnant to me, and to him (rosler) still more."

Doring told the magazine he wanted to be a different secretary general than lindner. He will speak more clearly. "I am rhetorically trained not to wrap garlands, but to march through," announced the current federal treasurer. Doring still has to be elected at the FDP’s national party convention in karlsruhe in april.

In an interview with dpa, he explained that the FDP’s resurgence was to take place in three stages. "Three-iconic, federal party conference in april and the schleswig-holstein election in may." The 38-year-old called on the party to focus on content and stop all speculation about personnel.

Many liberals consider faction leader rainer bruderle to be the real strong man in the FDP and doubt rosler’s leadership strength. "There is certainly another way to communicate and sell politics. But I have the feeling that our delegates and supporters very much appreciate precisely these different tonalities," said doring.

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