New deacon comes to bad rodach

New deacon comes to bad rodach

Paint rollers, cordless screwdrivers and all kinds of other renovation materials are still standing in jochen grams' new apartment. No wonder, because the new deacon of the evangelical lutheran church congregation arrived in his new congregation bad rodach with his wife nicola only a few days ago. On 1. May he officially begins his service as the new deacon for the communities of bad rodach, unterlauter and wiesenfeld.

"We are looking forward to the new tasks and are excited about the people with whom we will come into contact, says grams. When he talks about us, he means himself and his wife. Nicola grams has nothing to do with her husband's work, but she is also, as grams says, a member of the community.

"My tasks include preaching, pastoral care and confirmation work in the three parishes, says grams. And that is exactly where he sees the challenge of his "shared position". "Since my position is newly created, the expectations of the three congregations are probably very rough", says grams. With about 60 percent is planned for bad rodach, with 30 for unterlauter and with ten for wiesenfeld. "But that's just the theory. It remains to be seen exactly how much I can help where", says grams. But before he can start his work he has to prepare his new home first.

He also gets help from his three children. His middle son is on site right now helping with the painting and renovation work. "Soon we will go back to pfarrkirchen to prepare the old apartment for the move", says grams.

He also worked there as a deacon before moving to bad rodach. "I wanted to change because in the old parish with one person it did not harmonize so well", says grams. He began his professional career as a deacon in wolf ratshausen. But to understand his motivation for this work, you have to go further back and go to neustadt bei coburg. The 52-year-old was born there and volunteered in the church community after his confirmation. "I realized that this work gives me joy and decided to go my way", grams remembers.

He is looking forward to his tasks
He does not feel any excitement before his new start in the coburg region. "I'm just excited to meet the people and also the confirmands and see what new things i can learn. I'm especially looking forward to the sermon service", says grams. He will move into his office in the parish office in martin-luther-strabe, but renovation work is still underway there as well.

"I think there will be no fixed opening times. Even if someone calls after 5 p.M. And he is not feeling well, I have an open ear for his problems", grams emphasizes.

Grams didn't like to plan major changes: "I don't like colleagues who arrive somewhere new and immediately explain to people how the world works." Grams first wanted to get to know the people in his communities and make contacts . "You can have a lot of ideas, but they have to be realizable, says grams. Whether he wants to introduce new things into his services in addition to the prescribed liturgy is something grams is not sure about yet, "but it's possible, I'm always open to new things.

But there is one thing that the members of the evangelical church community can be prepared for: music and singing, because for grams and his wife this is very important. "We both play instruments and also like to sing. We might also get involved in a choir", says grams. Besides church music, the new deacon also listens to pop, classical music and sometimes harder stuff from the rock world. "I am musically very open. I only don't like folk music à la musikantenstadl and hip hop and techno, so grams.

Grams hopes for openness
He hopes his new congregations will be open and understanding, especially when it comes to remembering the many new names. "We are open to people and hope for reciprocity. Due to the shared position, it will be difficult at the beginning to immediately assign a name to each new face. I hope people don't take it amiss", says grams. First acquaintances he has already made on the strabe and at the church councils.

Grams relies on a variety of communication channels when accompanying confirmation candidates – an important part of his work. "You can't do without facebook these days when you work with young people. If i have ten confirmands, there are eleven ways i can reach them", says grams. But he pleads for a cautious use of such media.

In addition to church services, parishioners can also meet their new deacon in the forests of the coburg region, because hiking is one of his hobbies. Pastor ulrich rauh is also looking forward to the support of the new deacon: "i have already spoken to him several times. We are all looking forward to him."

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