Neuses floaters stand in starting holes

Neuses floaters stand in starting holes

It’s a hard job for the neuss burglars every year when the main flob is assembled at the customs shears. From thursday to saturday, about 20 volunteers were on the job to remove the 18-tonne vehicle from the 3. May to make fit for the beginning of the flea season. Then, until the end of september, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the romance of flooding on the rodach every thursday at 7 p.M.

The area between the neuseser floblande at the upper weir of the zollschere to the landesgartenschaugelande in kronach was flobbed. For the 1.5-kilometer-long route, the floats need about 50 minutes. After a short stay, it’s back to the customs shears again. Sometimes there are up to 50 guests on the mainflob, which is 20 meters long and 6.5 meters wide. However, with such a large number of visitors, the floats will have to work hard to cope with the countercurrents. However, until that time comes, a labor-intensive assembly must take place every year in teamwork. There is then hammering, drilling and screwing, what the stuff holds. 21 mighty spruce trunks form the "foundation of the flob. Indispensable is the spacious flobhutte, where you can make yourself comfortable. Beer table sets were also not to be missed.

Historical background

The recreational event with a historical background finds a large following every year. Registrations have been received from all over germany, chairman dieter endres is pleased to report. In a good season, up to 3000 guests are registered.

"Flooring has a very long tradition in neuses", explained the chairman. However, such a coarse float had not been used on the rodach in the past, as it was not possible to float through the narrow float alleys or float channels of the weirs with this type of float. The 120-meter-long mainflobe – better known as the "wurzburger stuck" – was only completed in bischberg – has been assembled.

About 2,000 to 2,500 guests are expected again this season for the flobfahrten. Start of the season is friday, 3. May, at 6 pm. Then a ride is offered every thursday at 7 p.M. In the following days. Departure is at the zollschere landing stage in neuses. According to chairman endres, float rides are possible until the end of september. Above all, this is an ideal opportunity to relax on a quiet ride.

During the season, the "floberhutte" is open in good weather on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays from 5 p.M.

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