Narrow stretch of the b 8: mirrors collided with each other

Narrow stretch of the b 8: mirrors collided with each other

Three accidents at the same time resulted in two vehicles being hit by mirrors on saturday. Saturday around 11 a.M.50 o’clock was a 61-year-old woman with her car on the kreisstrabe of dornheim in the direction of altmannshausen on the way. She was approached by a 65-year-old pensioner in his car. The kreisstrabe is currently being used as an alternative route for the closed B8. On the narrow roadway there was a mirror collision of both vehicles. The paint was also scratched by the rubbing of the wing mirrors and a driver’s door was dented, so that a total damage of 1200 euros is assumed, it says in the press report of the kitzingen police.

About 18.30 o’clock an accident was reported on this circle road. This time, a 59-year-old pensioner in her mitsubishi and a 52-year-old VW driver were involved. The total damage this time, however, is significantly lower and amounts to around 200 euros.

In addition, a 64-year-old tourist drove his motor home from the mainfrankenpark onto the B8 in the direction of kitzingen on saturday afternoon. A 23-year-old female opel driver came towards him in the curve of the driveway. Both vehicles touched each other with the wing mirrors. Here, too, there was damage in the amount of ca. 200 euro.

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