Mull creatively refined

Mull creatively refined

Yellow sack, garbage can, compost heap: there are several ways to dispose of the waste that accumulates every day. But not always the avoidable mull must also end up in the garbage can. Together with the trainees of marcapo gmbh, 20 preschool children from the "regenbogen" kindergarten made handicrafts beautiful new things.

"We have looked at what waste can be avoided", explained jennifer scholz, who led the trainee project. As an example of avoidable gauze, she mentioned toilet paper rolls or plastic cups, which are perfect for handicrafts. The preschool children had also brought plastic cups from home for handicrafts. These were then used to create bird feeders, which were fitted with strings to hang them up.

Favorite animals made

Also "beastly was the second part of the upcycling project. The trainees showed the children how to make their favorite animal out of rolls of toilet paper. There was a choice of different animals, for example, ice-cream, brown-cream, a fish, a giraffe, a cat and a lowe.

The children were creative, cutting out templates, painting faces on them and sticking googly eyes on them. Finally, they wrapped rolls of toilet paper around them and glued on the head and tail – and their favorite animal was ready.

A tute with birdseed

At the end of the project day, each child was given a small bag of birdseed so that they could try out their homemade feeders at home.

Kindergarten director stefan reinwand was also more than satisfied: "jennifer scholz and her trainee colleagues from marcapo did a great job preparing this activity with our preschool children and then carried it out superbly. The children were very enthusiastic and concentrated on the task at hand. Finally, they were very proud of their handmade food cups and animals, which have also become really very nice. A very successful morning for all participants. Thank you for the work with our preschool children", said reinwand.

Projects strong trainees

The project was planned by marcapo apprentices desiree ros, jule muller and lisa stolz under the guidance of apprentice jennifer scholz together with their project sponsor matthias muller and kindergarten director stefan reinwand. The various projects in marcapo’s training plan also serve as practice for the trainees in project organization and implementation. In addition to the practical experience and teamwork, the projects strengthen their social skills and development, which is very important to the company.

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