Model train fans love coming to hammelburg

Model train fans love coming to hammelburg

Moritz hufner immediately spotted the TEE train and some interesting locomotives with his expert's eye. "I am a railroad fan, says the young man from untererthal. He tells of the model plant at home in the attic, which is currently to be renewed. "It's an heirloom from grandpa", betrayal the rough brother jannik. Tizian, the younger brother of the hufner family, is also passionate about model making.

"Our family has always been enthusiastic from the subject of railroads, because my brother-in-law is employed by the railroads", explains father bernd hufner. Tracks and switches are now on the shopping list for the expansion of the layout. Mountains, tunnels, bridges and houses are also in view.

"Without the fantastic care of the city market manager august brendan we would not have been here for a long time", says exhibitor willi jager. Even though sales have declined in recent years, the company has never wanted to give up its cherished conversations with collectors.

The collectors of marklin, fleischmann, trix and other brands are mostly seniors. Looking at old steam locomotives, rails, signals and trafos brings back memories of your own childhood. It is rather rare that young people in the age of computers and cell phones find pleasure in the time-honored railroad models.

Everything controlled by hand
Collector andreas remling from diebach: "mainly in the winter months i devote myself to my railroad collection." When playing with the old models, the child in the man could forget everyday life and switch off completely. Modern railroad electronics are a thing of the past for remling: "I'd rather print the buttons myself." The trains on his layout are all still hand-operated. Remling's collector's heart beats faster when he can look at some attractive pieces from close by on the stock exchange.

At six o'clock on sunday morning, brendan already opened the town hall door to the exhibitors. The participants came not only from the surrounding area, but also from the schweinfurt, kitzingen and frankfurt region. People have known each other for many years. The atmosphere is that of a large family. The exhibitors are pleased to see a particularly large number of visitors at the bourse this year.

It took several hours to decorate the tables at about a dozen stands. Dismantling after 4 p.M. Also takes a correspondingly long time. "We are lovers of the railroad model world and meet like-minded people here", says jager. Only much later do we think of some kind of profit. Often blob is also exchanged. "I am glad that for our model buses no entry is taken as for example in wurzburg-estenfeld", he thanks the city of hammelburg.


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