Model school oberhaid – among bavaria’s first

model school oberhaid - among bavaria's first

Robert martin is enthusiastic. Things are moving forward. And – oberhaid has almost become a kind of model school: a model municipality as far as the energy sector is concerned. Martin is not an oberhaider. He comes from gundelsheim. He has discreetly inserted himself between the obrhaider. After all, he wants to savor this small stage victory a bit and at the same time motivate them for further efforts. Martin is the district's climate protection officer. With body and soul – and therefore also in oberhaid. At the kick-off on tuesday evening for the creation of an energy concept for the community.

Oberhaid is, as I said, the first in the county and among the first of the bavarian 100 whose energy concept receives a 75-percent requirement. The countdown starts on tuesday evening. The energy concept for the community of oberhaid is to be ready in a year's time. Time is of the essence – the steering group that is to advance the project will meet for the first time today, thursday. The goal: on the one hand, to save energy, and on the other hand, to generate as much as possible locally, to keep economic cycles in the region. Martin knows the key words that will point the way to energy self-sufficiency this evening.

The energy concept is just under 25.000 euros and 75 percent of the costs are covered by the office for regional development (ale). The commitment for this transmitted on behalf of the aledessen energy coordinator andreas eichhorn. The other details were explained by dominik bohlein, authorized signatory of the bamberger company "energievision franken", oberhaid's partners in the next twelve months.

Special role for the burghers
Mayor carsten joneitis (SPD) had cleverly chosen the burgersaal as the venue for the kick-off event for the energy concept, thus bringing its symbolic character into view. Because it is the citizens who will play a very important role in drawing up the energy concept. In addition to the community, dieburgers should also benefit individually from information offers and projects.

In his introduction, joneits mentioned that oberhaid has already taken a number of important steps toward energy self-sufficiency, including the open-air solar plant between unterhaid and staffelbach, which is operated under the direction of the town council. This and other commitments were probably the decisive factor in the community's winning the bid. Throughout upper franconia, there are a total of 14 communities that can develop energy concepts with the help of the ale for a further, structured approach to the implementation of the energy turnaround on site.

In his opening speech, martin also praised oberhaid's achievements so far, of course. From the point of view of the climate protection officer, it seems a pleasure for him to hand out praise, praise that his work is also bearing fruit here. And, to stay in the picture, with the new concept continues to be sat powerfully.

Oberhaid is willing, this is shown by the mayor's remarks, and this is also said by the members of the working groups who care about energy, and it is echoed in the remarks of the citizens.

They would like to see a little more individuality in this program. So that they benefit as soon as possible. They will profit, but only after the rough direction and the foundation of the concept is in place. It is a matter of analyzing the actual state as precisely as possible – who consumes how much of which energy where, in a very simplified way. The more precise the data network, says bohlein, the more concrete the instructions for action can be derived from it. The citizens are therefore first of all challenged. In a questionnaire campaign that is all the more fruitful the more it is fed with detailed information.

Recommendations for action
The energy concept also gives rise to various concrete recommendations for action by the municipality, as an indirect goal. At the same time, it forms the prerequisite for possible follow-up demands, which are then used to implement concrete projects in the community and in this way also strengthen the regional economy in the long term. Value creation should remain in the region, new fields of activity should be created, and farmers and foresters should be given additional footholds as energy providers.

Robert martin reminded us of the energy forest factor, i.E. Forests with fast-growing tree species that are used purely for energy production. Otherwise, he made the coordinators of "energievision" the extensive data collection of the district, which can be used gladly for the oberhaider energy concept, attentively.

Burger again and again asked what they could personally gain from the energy concept. Bohlein explained that a series of lectures with different experts was planned, from which many useful tips could be taken away. At the end of the event, martin pointed out that the bamberg energy agency was offering its own, low-cost consulting service, he gave the oberhaiders on the way home.

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