Merkel wants to “put europe on a new footing” – praise for macron

Merkel wants to 'put europe on a new footing' - praise for macron

German chancellor angela merkel backed the new reform ideas for the european union in principle. She wants to "put europe on a new footing and create the basis for a more successful europe," merkel declared.

Her spokesman spread the sentence on twitter after merkel’s conversation with french president emmanuel macron.

Macron had called for a reorganization of europe in a much-noticed speech on tuesday and presented a roadmap for it extending to 2024. Among other things, he wants a separate budget and a finance minister for the euro zone. Two weeks ago, eu commission president jean-claude juncker had already presented his plans for the future.

Many EU partners are now eagerly waiting to see what merkel’s position will be and whether germany and france will pull together. Reform ideas were top of mind at a dinner of EU heads of state and government in the estonian capital, which is also hosting the EU digital summit on friday. Before the debates in the rough round, merkel met for about an hour to talk with macron as well as with dutch head of government mark rutte.

There is a "high degree of agreement between germany and france," the chancellor assured the audience. "In any case, i see the french president’s speech as a good basis for further intensive cooperation between germany and france."

"She sees macron’s proposals for the development of a common defense and migration policy as "extremely positive. The goal is common european asylum procedures. "Where i still see a need for action is in common auben policies," she added. The chancellor also made special mention of macron’s proposals for harmonization of corporate taxation and insolvency law. These points were also included in the deliberations on the formation of a new federal government.

With a view to the upcoming coalition negotiations in berlin, macron’s entourage said the president did not want to "wait passively" until a new government had been formed in germany. Merkel also stressed: "i believe we should enter into consultations very quickly."

Hurdles are expected in the coalition negotiations, especially in european policy, because the potential partners, the FDP and the greens, are pursuing different goals. Liberals skeptical of macron’s eurozone proposals. Grunen leader cem ozdemir, meanwhile, made it clear on thursday evening that his party supports macron’s line. "Now is the time to accept macron’s outstretched hand and give the european project renewed impetus," ozdemir appealed to merkel.

Luxembourg’s auben minister jean asselborn also urged. "One expects in europe that there will also be a speech from germany that is not contrite in european policy, but points forward," asselborn told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung" with regard to the proposals of macron and juncker.

Italy’s head of government paolo gentiloni had already backed macron’s ideas on wednesday. "Now is the time for ambition," gentiloni said. "That’s why the italian government shares this spirit and many of the proposals that the president made yesterday."

At the digital summit on friday, merkel and the other heads of state want to discuss the further digitization of europe, including the expansion of fast internet, data exchange and cyber security. Other topics were also discussed on the fringes of the meeting, such as the UK’s exit from the EU and the tensions with turkey.

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