Meeder’s trouble with the roads

The municipal council of meeder has decided in its youngest meeting on monday for a full extension of the connecting road between the estate and the municipality of kleinwalbur, that is, to the county road CO17. Previously, civil engineer jurgen kittner had explained the facts of the case in detail. The bottom line is that three possible offers remain. However, the three companies agreed that they did not want to give any guarantees for a real success of the deep-tree acceptance tests. This has already created some suspicion among council members. After kittner's detailed presentation and an equally extensive debate, the town council decided in favor of the full expansion; nine town council members were in favor and six against it. Another idea was to simply resurface the road. Norbert gleichmann () was one of the skeptics: "there is no need for a full expansion." Matthias korn (CSU/landvolk) suggested that first of all the necessary costs should be determined and any possible demands explored. "We still have many vines in the same condition", said korn. In fact, some things are still unclear at the moment. On request, engineer kittner estimated the possible costs for a full expansion at around half a million euros. The possible demand is uncertain, and it is also uncertain what the construction companies are prepared to offer in view of the current demand.

There was also a great need for discussion before a decision was taken to draw up a "project-related development plan" in the kleinwalbur district for the "grobwalburer rothen" area. The agricultural contractor sebastian oppel is currently based in wiesenfeld. But the company needs more space than before and therefore wants to relocate to kleinwalbur. A machine hall with a workshop, sanitary facilities, staff rooms and a small gas station are to be built there. The construction of a single-family house is planned; in this house will be later also the office. A photovoltaic plant is also planned. Authorities, local authorities, nature conservationists and other various public interest groups have been able to express their opinions in the course of the procedure. There was in the council a huge package of beschlussen. The reason: the area itself is designated as agricultural flat and as such already enjoys some privileges. But sebastian oppel's business is classified as an "agricultural farm" a commercial enterprise under building law.

Defense confirmed

The municipal council approved a change in the development plan for the purpose of extending schierleinsgasse in grobwalbur. The issue is the possibility of new building land. The council also approved the election of new commander joachim scheler and his vice dietmar halboth at the fire department ottowind. 

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