Little ones have rough ideas

Little ones have rough ideas

"The rough girl in the picture is me. Mom is smaller. But you can recognize them by their bikini." Without being shy, the little painter explained to regional bishop dorothea greiner and 70 guests what she had in mind when she painted her picture: spending a good time with her family. She was one of the winners of the painting competition held this fall by the diakonie bamberg-forchheim in its six daycare centers and two after-school care centers.

"We have thought about how we can make our motto of the year "time for life" even for the smallest ones … Everything has its time" could bring close", reported fred schafer, head of the social services department. The painting competition brought the topic into the daycare centers in a way that was suitable for children and thus also reached the parents. Hundreds of artworks were created in the daycare centers.

A prominent jury consisting of regional bishop dorothea greiner, christine behringer-zeis, head of the bamberg city youth welfare office, and stefan kramer, chairman of the entire employee representative committee of the diakonie bamberg-forchheim, then selected the winners in four age categories from the best 40.

And even the youngest – the youngest winner is one year and six months old – impressed the jury with their creative ideas and the patience with which they painted and pasted on their pictures, as the diakonie reports in its press release. At the award ceremony in the community center of the church of the resurrection, there were not only enthusiastic jury members, proud artists, and shining children’s eyes, but also spurbar "zeit fur leben" (time for life).

Anyone who is now curious about the artworks can view the 40 final pictures in the next few days at the market shopping center in hallstadt.

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