Kulmbach mourns the death of herbert munch

Kulmbach mourns the death of herbert munch

Former city councilor and second mayor herbert munch died on thursday at the age of 69 after a long and serious illness. "Kulmbach loses a respected local politician and exemplary citizen who did more than his duty", mayor henry schramm said in the city council meeting.

In his obituary, he emphasized that munch was a valued and respected figure in the city council, of which he was a member for 30 years, and in the district council. Through his unselfish work he had earned lasting merit. Munch has been awarded the gold and silver burgermedaille by the city of coburg. He was also a recipient of the municipal medal of merit.

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Man with mab and middle

Schramm characterized the long-serving SPD local association chairman, who eventually found a new political home at WGK, as straightforward and even-tempered, a man of mab and center who was always committed to the common good. He was particularly committed to the red cross, the water rescue service, RC pedale rust and the inner-city traffic concept.

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