It’s all happening in the county seat

It's all happening in the county seat

With a mixture of sun and clouds, the 40th habfurt strabenfest started on friday. Habfurter strabenfest. Many visitors came to the official opening to see the two festivities that moved from the upper and lower towers and met in front of the old town hall. The habfurt town band and the sterzelbacher musicians as well as hundreds of kindergarten children with their balloons were also part of the event, adding many beautiful colorful spots to the street scene.
Stephan schneider, chairman of the strabenfest association, was delighted to see so many children at the strabenfest on the stage in front of the old town hall. Among the guests of honor was the former district administrator and former mayor of habfurt and honorary burgher of the county town, rudolf handwerker, who had launched the habfurt strabenfest 40 years ago.

Launched in 1978

Deputy district administrator oskar ebert stated: "the habfurt strabenfest is one of the most important festivals in the district and in view of the many children i think it is also an 80. Strabenfest will be held!"
Habfurt’s mayor gunther werner was proud and pleased that his predecessor, a craftsman, had brought the festival into being in 1978, and emphasized how popular the strabenfest still is.
To the sound of the bollerschusses of the royal privileged guardian society 1430 habfurt the balloons of the more than 500 kindergarten children rose into the air – as a sign that the street festival was open. The guests were spoilt for choice, because there was a lot to see, to discover and to enjoy on the main stage at the market place as well as in the whole city center.

Versatile offer

Many took the opportunity to grab a snapshot among the special offers of the shops, to enjoy the walk acts, to listen to the many music groups and bands, to get information at the booths of the clubs and companies or to participate in raffles. Naturally, the colorful program on the main stage on the market square also attracted many spectators.
Among other things, the children were fascinated by michael petermann’s magic show, rode on the children’s train, climbed on the merry-go-round or the children’s airplane, loved face painting, let off steam on the bungee trampoline, rolled through the water in rough pads, tried their hand at outdoor bowling or rushed around the children’s flea market. Young and old can look forward to this saturday. A great program awaits you starting at 11 a.M.

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