Into the new year with god by your side

Into the new year with God by your side

For the catholic parishes and the city of herzogenaurach, 2017 was an eventful year. In the city parish church st. The parish priest helmut hetzel looked back on the old year, but also looked forward to the new one.
In the well-attended church, hetzel celebrated the year-end service with chaplain sebastian schiller, father moison michael, father justine paul palimattom and pastoral advisor thomas matzick, supported by 20 altar boys from the entire pastoral area.

Three towers festival as high point

Hetzel advised in his introduction to look at the past year with the "eyes of the heart" to reflect. In his introduction, he addressed, among other things, the good and bad sides this year. But it was not only necessary to look back, but also to look forward, because we had god on our side. Hetzel advised that when looking back, one should also reflect on the people who are important to one or what has happened to each person personally.
The review of life in the pastoral area covered the four years of the joint pastoral area. The "miteinander" information booklet appears with a thematic focus with two issues per year. It informs about dates and church services. There are "focal point services", says on new year's eve or at whitsun, in the past year also at the herzo base. The parish offices are now so well networked that a contact person can be reached at any time. Particularly noteworthy in the pastoral area is the three towers festival of 2016, which was "unforgettable moments" for all three parishes had kept ready. All groups of the parish went in a procession to the weihersbach, where a festive service was celebrated.
The past year was also looked back on. The 94 departures were offset by four rejoins. 126 deceased were laid to rest, and 85 children were baptized. 102 children received the sacrament of first communion, 63 the sacrament of confirmation, and 27 couples were married.
Pastoral counselor matzick drew attention to the upcoming restructuring of the pastoral areas. In many places there were fears and anxieties. However, it is necessary to enter into a dialogue with hannberg, weisendorf and grobenseebach. "Jesus gives courage to be in the same boat with the new parishes", says matzick. Hetzel concluded the mass with a blessing and dismissed the congregation for the new year's eve.

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