Huge excavation pit in coburg: ceb invests in the future

Huge excavation pit in coburg: ceb invests in the future

The coburg waste disposal and construction company (CEB) is currently engaged in a major project of its own. A deep building pit has been excavated on bamberger strabe in recent weeks. After the winter break, a new social building including a locksmith's shop and canteen is to grow out of the ground there.

For a total of 8.8 million euros, an urgently needed vehicle hall is to be built by the end of 2021 in addition to the four-story social building, as stefan schneidawind, the CEB's head of the wastewater department, explained when asked about the project. A total of around 5000 cubic meters must be moved for both new buildings and then disposed of properly. "Today, you can no longer dispose of a kilogram of soil without a declaration analysis", says schneidewind.

The first stage has been completed, the excavation pit has been prepared, so that after the break due to the weather, the waterproof floor trough for the basement, which is necessary due to the high groundwater level, can be cast. According to schneidawind, this basement level will house the necessary building services. There will also be space for storage and archives.

For "the construction of the building pit and the further structural work, a temporary lowering of the groundwater level by about two meters is necessary for a period of about ten months", as explained by architect lutz wallenstein of the coburg architectural office archiviva, which is responsible for the planning of the entire project. The social building will offer a total of around 2200 square meters of usable space, explains lutz wallenstein.

Central canteen to be built

The CEB locksmith's shop (first floor) and the canteen on the second floor, which will be used jointly by CEB and sud employees, will be located on the three floors above ground in the social building. The canteen is planned with a high window front facing the bamberger strabe. Above it is another floor with changing rooms, showers and laundry facilities, which will be used primarily by the approximately 160 commercial employees of the CEB.

Due to the given space program and the available floor space on the premises, the division of the functions on four floors was necessary. The allocation of the functions to the storeys has to do with the accessibility: "the workshop and the garages must be accessible by vehicles on the first floor." The new central canteen has been located on the second floor to provide easy access for all CEB and suc employees and thus increase acceptance."

According to wallenstein, the fact that the second floor with shower and sanitary facilities was deliberately planned without windows "does not pose any unusual challenges for the building services" because even with windows, "a controlled, mechanical supply and exhaust air is necessary for this area".

Only the lighting system requires minor adjustments in terms of control technology. In addition, the absence of windows means that the sun and privacy screens that would otherwise be required can be dispensed with.

50 meter long vehicle hall

The start of construction of the new vehicle hall is directly linked to the progress of the social building. When the shell for the social building is finished, the construction of the vehicle hall can begin, schneidawind explains. This will probably be the case in the second half of 2020. The construction of the new hall for a total of 20 vehicles is "technically not possible".

Because in this hall with a length of 50 meters, a width of 24 meters and a height of six meters, only little technical equipment is required. Ultimately, the aim is to provide frost-proof accommodation for the work machines and vehicles. That is why it is possible to build this hall in a simple skeleton structure.

According to schneidawind, the old vehicle shed that is still in use dates back to the 1950s and is in a very poor structural condition, which makes renovation seem unprofitable.

Europe-wide invitation to tender

Tenders had to be invited throughout europe for the multi-million euro construction project. Schneidewind was pleased that a number of contracts were awarded to companies from the region – from earthworks and structural work to metalwork and the installation of the superstructure.

The CEB has been working on the rough project of a social building and a vehicle hall for several years. Finally, the space requirements had to be created on the CEB site first. This includes the relocation of the recycling center to glend as well as the demolition of the old winter service hall. The brine tanks for the winter road clearance service have also found a new location in glend.Jb

Around the construction site on the suc land

Social building the new social building to be built by the coburg waste disposal and construction company (CEB) will be four stories high. For the basement floor, a watertight floor trough will be cast due to the high groundwater level near the itz river. During the construction period, groundwater will be continuously pumped out of the site. The canteen on the second floor is planned for joint use by CEB and suc employees. Vehicle hall the new vehicle hall on the CEB premises replaces the 1950s vehicle shed on the CEB premises. The new building will provide space for the frost-proof storage of 20 vehicles.

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