House will give way to parking lot

House will give way to parking lot

Veronika schadeck

Apart from the fact that construction costs have risen sharply in the last two years, it is also becoming more and more difficult to find companies that carry out tree inspections. This became clear on monday evening in the community council meeting.
No bids were received for the design of the parking lot and open spaces at christian-hammerschmidt-strabe 10 or for the creation of a parking lot for hikers at hammerbuhl 2. "It is dramatic what is happening in the construction sector!", according to mayor peter ebertsch. The offers become less and less and when some arrive, the costs are sometimes twice as high as calculated.
As the municipality has learned, the market town of tettau has acquired the property at christian-hammerschmidt-strabe 10 and now intends to create an open space and parking lots on the site after demolition.
A parking lot for hikers was to be built at hammerbuhl 2 as part of the forderoffensive nordostbayern (north-east bavaria demand offensive). Both tree removals have to be postponed. The council unanimously gave the green light for a new invitation to tender. During the meeting, the elected representatives were pleased to receive a donation of 13392 euros from the ludwig-heinz'schen foundation.
With this money, the community wants, among other things, to maintain its status as a "family-friendly tettau" strong. Newborns from 1. September instead of 100 euro now 200 euro funeral allowance. Furthermore, the costs for the first four months in kindergarten are covered. Financial support continues to be given to a family (500 euros), the kindergarten regenbogen (3500 euros), the music club kleintettau for the work with young musicians (650 euros).
With one dissenting vote, the committee spoke out in favor of participation in the bayern-net nature project for the rennstei gregion. The project sponsor is the landscape conservation association of the district of kronach.
At the meeting, managing director dietrich forster and petra brehm from the lower nature conservation authority presented the project. In the northern franconian forest there is a unique area of bare-root meadows and wetlands. Their long-term preservation or the claim and in this context also the acquisition or the lease form the center of the nature conservation project.

2350 euro per year

The goal, according to forster, is an ecologically and economically sensible development and networking as well as the preservation of the valuable historical cultural landscape. The duration of the project is scheduled for three years. It starts on 1. January 2018. The total cost is estimated at 470,000 euros. As forster explained, the demand from the bavarian nature conservation fund amounts to 400,000 euros. The remaining 70,000 euros are to be paid in equal parts by the district and the five communities of tettau, ludwigsstadt, steinbach, teuschnitz and tschirn. The share for tettau is 2350 euro per year.
"I see this with great skepticism", according to willi guntsch (SPD), who sees participation in this project as more of an "obstacle" for a further development for tettau saw connected.
Brehm pointed out that the development of tettau as an industrial town was not endangered by this. Any land is only leased or acquired if the owner so desires. And: "we will not stand in the way of any economic development in the community." Brehm went on to say that some people would even be happy to get rid of their land, which is difficult to cultivate!".
Under the item "other, anika kappelt asked whether it would be possible to install a traffic mirror at the turnoff to the "new settlement" attach.
Helmut neubauer (bft) wished for more lighting in tettau. Dietmar schmidt (SPD) denounced the behavior of a resident who owned too many dogs and was not able to take care of them appropriately. He pointed out that there are many small children in this area. "Something has to happen first?"

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