Hay and straw for circus henry

Hay and straw for circus Henry

Georg frank’s rough hope is currently directed at the 20. April. It could be the day when the ringmaster, with around 20 employees and over 50 animals, is finally allowed to leave the small lawn on paschendaele-strabe in dorfles-esbach – provided that the curtailment of freedom of movement then ends. Until then it is a matter of perseverance. "We are glad that there are people who help us", says georg frank and looks at a stack of straw bales that has just been donated to the henry circus.

The two donors are just approaching with the next bales in their arms and throwing them onto the pile. "If everyone helps out, we can do it", says kevin raab. Together with toni hubner, he is unloading around 80 bales of hay and straw for the circus.

The two young men from schorkendorf are happy to be able to help out. They have stored more hay and straw than they themselves need. The circus director hardly knows where to get enough for his animals. "We stay in touch. If more is needed, we can also supply some more", says kevin raab and georg frank beams. Seven to eight quintals of hay needed for the 1812 circus henry founded farm every day for ponies, sheep, goats and camels. He also needs two quintals of carrots and grain and ten to twelve kilos of dog food a day. Kevin raab and toni hubner can’t deliver that. But so far georg frank and his circus family manage to secure the supply for their four-legged artists.

Problem of the stranded

If the circus founded in 1812 can move on regularly, the food will not be a big problem. "We always know our people, from whom we get something, because we always guest at the same places", says junior manager robin frank. Eight quintals of hay a farmer can perhaps spare.

But for one month 240 centner come together. There the procurement becomes already slowly difficult. Georg frank was all the more pleased when kevin raab and toni hubner came to his aid with a considerable amount of support. But even with all the help it is clear that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay on the course in dorfles-esbach. The artists were not allowed to perform because of the corona crisis. The circus must not move on. The only thing left to do is to wait for a return to normality.

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