Hard times for ozil – playing his way back to normality?

hard times for ozil - playing his way back to normality?

This weekend, mesut ozil was finally able to return to where he feels most at home: on the soccer pitch. Chances are good that the arsenal pro will make his first appearance of the season early saturday evening in the away game at champions league winners liverpool fc.

After the attempted robbery, concerns for his safety and his absence due to illness on matchday two, an appearance at anfield could bring some normality back to ozil’s everyday life.

Just over a year after the furor over the erdogan photos, the botched world cup and his resignation from the german national team, which was accompanied by accusations of racism, the media-shy professional is once again the center of public attention because of non-sporting matters. After a promising preparation, the 30-year-old should be all about football this season. But so far ozil has not had the opportunity to do so.

Review: in late july, he is targeted by gangsters in a car with his gunners teammate sead kolasinac and his wife amine. The robbery fails because kolasinac fends off the armed perpetrators with his bare hands. FC arsenal then releases the two professionals for the premier league opener at newcastle united because of safety concerns that have not been clarified in the near future.

Then it is announced that after an incident with security guards in front of ozil’s residence, two suspects were arrested and will stand trial in september. Ozil and kolasinac return to training afterwards. Both are "good options" for the home game against FC burnley, arsenal coach unai emery hints. But only kolasinac plays, ozil is again not in the squad. Due to a previous illness, he was not fit enough, it was said.

Similar statements from emery had caused speculation last season, the first under the spaniard. Ozil made only 24 appearances in 38 games. Sporting things have not been going well for the once undisputed arsenal star. But contrary to the repeatedly arising rumors of a change, the world champion of 2014 revealed no intentions to leave london. He was always visibly at ease in the british capital, a regular in cafes and restaurants, even posting photos of a subway ride.

But with this relaxedness it is over after the youngest incidents. If england was a refuge for ozil after the turbulent summer of 2018, his north london home is now "the most luxurious kafig in the capital," as the telegraph newspaper aptly put it. The athletic website asked: "what happens when the arsenal star no longer feels safe??"A premature departure from london may be an option after all? There are already signs of this.

According to a report in the washington post, ozil’s advisor was in washington last week for talks with MLS club DC united. There, the midfielder is said to be a candidate to succeed captain wayne rooney, who is joining second division derby county as a kind of player-coach in the new year. Should ozil go to the USA, that would probably also be in the interests of the arsenal bosses. Because they would allegedly like to remove the top earner from their payroll.

So, not for the first time, a big question mark hangs over mesut ozil’s future. How and where things continue will also depend on how well the former german national player manages to shake off the events of the past few weeks and put in a strong performance on the pitch – perhaps as early as anfield against jurgen klopp’s FC liverpool. Emery stressed he wanted to help ozil return to normalcy. Easier said than done.

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