Grub is to become greener

Grub is to become greener

Frank reibenweber takes care of species and biotope protection at the coburg district office. With the help of his expertise, the municipality of grub am forst also expects a forward-looking concept for more ecology and environmental protection. In the youngest municipal council meeting, reibenweber presented an "okokonzept" to the councilors tasty for the community.

Motto: mowing instead of mulching

The basis for this, explained reibenweber, is the nature conservation law of the state of bavaria, which is also to be applied to municipally owned areas, whereby these are to serve as a model for other, private areas. The speaker stated: "land should be managed in the sense and according to the principles of landscape conservation." And there are some in the community. In addition to the many smaller flat areas of the municipality, the fullbachtal, the gruber stein, the brunngraben with brunnleite, the schnorrenleite and the pines near rohrbach were explicitly listed.

Reibenweber recommended that mowing should not take place before mid-june and that no fertilizer or pesticides should be used. "Mowing instead of mulching" was his statement. Also within the town it was possible to cultivate the grasslands, whereby the "schotterwusten a rejection was given. Reibenweber also wanted a contact person in the community. Mayor jurgen wittmann (gfg) was able to nominate a building yard employee. Initially, there was no municipal council resolution on the acceptance of the okoconcept and its design options, but municipal councilor dieter pillmann (gfg) explicitly demanded a. It was unanimously decided that the municipal administration should draw up an acceptance catalog and implement the concept in conjunction with the building committee. Kerstin weigerstorfer of gfg resigns from office as municipal councilor for professional reasons. Leo wiedenmann is the reprinter who was sworn in by the mayor. Torsten spickmann was also sworn in as the local spokesman for roth am forst.

The update of the land use plan was presented and discussed for a long time, with a particular focus on the designation of new residential areas. The IVS engineering office proposed a list of priorities that included the "zur docke" areas, "east of the dock, "sudlich am renner", "at the sports field" and "north of rohrbacher strabe" includes. The board approved the list of priorities. About the project-related development plan "untere au and for the change of the corresponding land use plan, the comments received from the public interest groups were acknowledged and, in addition, the decision was made to put the plan on public display.

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