From the “sturmer” to the “sixer

From the 'sturmer' to the 'sixer

Daniel slansky lives in weisendorf and is currently playing in his second season with FC frimmersdorf in the A-class bamberg. He came to the FC through his buddy fabian schobel, who took over the coaching there. The 26-year-old, who trained as a youth player at baiersdorfer SV, has been well received by fans and players alike at the family club and feels right at home. Promotion is also within reach.

Who played you?
Daniel slansky: julian albrecht, with whom i have a long history at tsv neuhaus. We also do a lot together in our private lives. I like him a lot, but i don’t think he’s a fubballer for the B-class, where he’s currently playing for hertha aisch. He would also be one for us in frimmersdorf (laughs).

In frimmersdorf, you are no longer playing in your usual position at forward, how come??
That is right. I was always a center forward before, but when fabian schobel brought me in, he told me that he wanted to play on the “six-position has a hole and was immediately sure that I can do it. Since then I play now in the second season in the defensive midfield.

Nevertheless, you have already scored nine goals, the second most in the team behind fabian schobel with 17 goals…
The biggest difference is that I have to run a lot more in the midfield now. As a midstorm, this is known to be limited. I was allowed to play one game as a striker and immediately scored a triple against ampferbach. The other six goals were as "sixers".

How important was a rise?
Every fubballer likes to move up. Unfortunately, we had a slacker recently, which caused us to slip to third place in the A-class bamberg 1. We want to do better in the second half of the year. However, the rise is not in the foreground. We look from game to game, there’s no pressure to get promoted.

They now like to have a winter break?
In the bamberger spielkreis there is no general cancellation, i was happy to play the last encounter against robersdorf II. Recently, two games in a row were cancelled, which is not ideal, of course, but we still continued to train. Every cancellation hurts. Even if sunday is free, it’s not so bad, then i just play a little soccer with my little son at home in the living room.

To whom do they play on?
To michael knufer from TSV neuhaus. We played together for a few years, then he moved to SV tennenlohe. Of all things, when he came back, I went to frimmersdorf. Michael is a – let’s call it – ambitious and robust defender. In training we have met each other more often in duels.

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