Free training places for up-and-coming athletes

Free training places for up-and-coming athletes

Lukas buchmeier is a BMX rider. Special tricks are his passion. "Sometimes it takes me six months to get a trick down really well", the 14-year-old tells. And he's got it. He has already won the city championships in coburg and the first place in the discipline "best trick" proves.

Every weekend, lukas buchmeier, who attends the hans-edelmann school, is out and about on his bike. He has also signed up for a new sports project at the "fit'n'fun" gym qualified. The studio offers free individual training for up to ten young athletes.

Four have already come forward, and lukas is one of them. He has resolved to do one to two hours of fitness training twice a week: "I have to strengthen my back, because my spine is not quite straight. That's why I need to build up the back muscles."

Muscle building instead of starvation

Eddy maier (18), actually a boxer with the ATS, has completely different demands: he wants to leave the weight class up to 69 kilos and move up to the weight class up to 75 kilos. "Normally I have 71 kilos and always had to starve myself down, now I want to build up muscles", eddy maier explains his training aspirations. He wanted to specifically strengthen his punching power and improve his chest and biceps. He also does strengthening exercises for shoulders and backs and abdominal training. "When you have strong abdominal muscles, the hits don't hurt as much."

He already has a lot of successes to his name: he is southern german champion, bavarian champion, two-time french champion and northern german champion. He plans to go to the gym twice a week, and boxing is on his schedule three times a week. And by the way, eddy maier also attends the twelfth grade of caspar-vischer-gymnasium and will graduate from high school this year.

Additional fitness

16-year-old niklas bronneke from kulmbach is a hammer thrower. He trains in this discipline three times a week, and wants to do fitness twice more. "I will do squats, athletic training, muscle building, upper body training." He is currently in the bavarian squad, his next goal is the german squad", the 16-year-old has set his sights on. "My life is really only school and sports", says the schoolmaster of caspar-vischer-gymnasium.

The fourth of those selected for the program so far is also the oldest: marco rodel (27) rides for team icehouse in mountain bike marathons and cross-country races. In addition, he keeps fit with running and road cycling. In the gym, he wants to further improve the strength in his legs..

"The four of them can not train together of course. The requirements are too different, but everyone gets his individual program"; explains the manager of the gym stefan schmidt.

Six free places are still available

Six more free training places for more exceptional athletes to be awarded. If you are interested in the program, you can apply until 25. October, either by e-mail ([email protected]) or by letter to fit'n fun, hardenbergstrabe 30, 95326 kulmbach (to the attention of stefan schmidt). Training will start at the beginning of november.

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