For the campers is well provided

For the campers is well provided

The market pressig continues to invest in camper site and youth campground. After investing more than 50,000 euros in the recreational area in 2018, relatively small sums of money have been invested in the past months of this year. But this was only possible because in roland ringlstetter we have an all-round craftsman as groundsman, who volunteers all his knowledge and craftsmanship for the mobile home site and the youth campsite in rothenkirchen with extraordinary commitment.

Mayor stefan heinlein took the opportunity of his exemplary voluntary work to thank the groundsman personally for his many activities at the mobile home site and youth campsite near the natural adventure pool in the idyllic landleitenbach valley. Heinlein emphasized the dedication of the groundskeeper, who works with foresight and recognizes weaknesses and even remedies these deficiencies on his own initiative. Roland ringlstetter: "as a foreman, I was responsible for construction sites and had to act when there was a need and could not first initiate an administrative act. So he sees his task here, too, in taking care of the guests and visitors of the mobile home site and youth campsite quickly and to their satisfaction.

The demands, but also the number of visitors, have increased. It all started with the power supply. When more than six sockets were needed here, the capacity was not enough, especially since the current was also only six amps (A). Whenever there were power failures, he was called out, at any time of the day or night. So he remedied the situation by installing two construction site power boxes and expanding the capacities to eight connections of 16 A and 32 A. Thus, the electricity demand is sufficient for at least twenty mobile homes that can connect at the same time. In addition, he installed meters, so that each power consumption can be individually attributed to the consumer.

In order to make the youth campground safer and to curb the flight of sparks due to fire danger, the ruhrige groundskeeper erected several new fireplaces. Two campers and the former groundskeeper georg grebner helped by providing granite stones as a fireproof foundation and using them at the fireplaces.

To make staying at the mobile home site and the youth camp site more pleasant and comfortable, a second barbecue hut was newly built some time ago. Now they have been renovated and modernized inside and out and equipped with new facilities. Facade and roof were completely renewed. For this purpose alois grunbeck installed the gutters. A sink with a water connection was installed behind each hut and the grill was equipped with a smoke outlet. Towards the landleitenbach, a sun terrace for relaxing in the open air was built together with the municipal building yard at the new barbecue hut.

Roland ringlstetter wanted to give up his voluntary job this year. After a good word of encouragement from mayor stefan heinlein, who expressly pledged his support, the groundskeeper gave his word to go ahead after all. On the site in the idyllic landleitenbachtal, guests have a true recreational dorado with a natural adventure pool, volleyball courts, a trim-dich trail and well-marked and signposted hiking trails. Sufficient sanitary facilities and/or showers and toilets are available. The tennis courts of the TC rothenkirchen are also in the immediate vicinity.

An increase in visitor numbers was already evident in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, 1142 people were registered at the mobile home site. 1325 young people and 1250 adults used the youth campsite.

In 2019, 1228 people stayed at the mobile home site, and 3514 young people and 1,650 adults used the campground. 

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