Final spurt of election campaign fell flat because of corona

Final spurt of election campaign fell flat because of corona

Run-off election? Was there something? The corona pandemic has pushed the final spurt in the municipal election campaign into the background. But in weibenbrunn and nordhalben, the citizens will decide by sunday who will be the future leader of the respective town halls. And that exclusively by brieahl.

46.3 percent of the votes were cast for michael pohnlein (), the mayor of nordhalben, in the first round just under two weeks ago. There was no election campaign in the last ten days, he says. People now have other tasks and concerns in times of coronavirus. Pohnlein hopes to be able to defend his office. Because he wanted to finish ongoing projects. Nordhalben is in a decisive phase, he says. There is a chance to give the place a future. In addition, he still wanted to overcome some challenges.

As an example, pohnlein mentions his efforts to get nordhalben involved in the trade tax and the marketing of drinking water from the use of the dam in mauthaus. Because a large part of the water there comes from the soil of nordhalben. He thinks that other arrangements had to be found here. He could not and would not accept that "the rich city of nuernberg gets the taxes and the poor town of nordhalben goes empty-handed"!"

"To keep it together" in the foreground

"We have other problems with corona than the choice of stitch", says michael wunder. Last friday, he wrote a circular letter again, in which he expressed his thanks for his election to the municipal and district councils. But he also expressed regret at having to avoid personal contact with the burghers because of the corona crisis. But right now it depends on the community and the "stick together" an, he says. He was aware that the incumbent had a bonus. But he has many years of experience in local politics, which he would like to use even more than before for nordhalben. Both he and pohnlein emphasize that – regardless of the outcome of the runoff election – nordhalben will remain their home, and they will continue to stand up for it. And: there will also be no election parties, according to both mayoral candidates.

He would have liked to go from house to house again or hold a rally, says michael bohl (CSU), who is standing for the runoff election in weibenbrunn on sunday together with his fellow candidate jorg neubauer (SPD). The health of the citizens is much more important now, he said. The incumbent second mayor points out that he and his team were active on facebook. There he promotes himself as "your candidate for honesty, diligence and transparency for all parts of the town!" And he appeals to overcome the current difficult challenge well together. Now that there are only two candidates for mayor instead of three, he hopes for more support from the people of the town. He is also pleased that the exciting election campaigns have now come to an end and that they can continue on their way. Because a mayoral candidacy is also a personal choice.

No party

Because of the corona crisis, his election campaign already ended last friday, said jorg neubauer. He had once again written a letter to the citizens. In it, he emphasized that one of his goals was to have an open dialogue with a clear focus on substantive policies. He also spoke of solidarity, consideration and a sense of responsibility, which are particularly in demand in the current emergency situation.

He is pleased that he was elected as a district and municipal councilor. With three candidates, he had expected a runoff election, said neubauer. However, he regrets that a runoff election will now have to be held because of six missing votes (he achieved 49.67 percent in the first round). For that was associated with work, money and time. No matter who wins the election in weibenbrunn on sunday, one thing is certain: there will be no celebrations.

High response rate

However, all four candidates for mayor appealed to their citizens in weibenbrunn and nordhalben to make use of their right to vote. The election takes place in times of corona exclusively via brieahl. The voters must have received their ballot papers. If not, you should get in touch with your municipality. The documents must be received by the electoral office by 6 p.M. On sunday at the latest. From 18 o’clock in the nordwaldhalle in nordhalben or in the multi-purpose house in weibenbrunn will be disbursed.

As the manager of the nordhalben market, joachim ranzenberger, explained, 1409 election documents had been distributed, and on thursday the backlog was over 1000. In weibenbrunn, 2416 brieahl documents were sent out. Voter turnout was already high on thursday, it hailed from city hall.

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