Fauste! – a puppet show for adults

Fauste! - a puppet show for adults

After "love- and joke stories from 1001" (2015) "the ring of the nibelung" (2016) "blahungen" and "a little giant winter story" (2017) this time the puppeteer has set himself goethe’s faust. The performance starts at 19.30 o’clock.

Goethe was a child of the puppet show "doktor faustus" was so fascinated by history that he could not get it out of his mind and created his world-famous works. For his part, the puppeteer thomas glasmeyer was and is so enthusiastic about goethe’s work that he set out to create a contemporary puppet show.

With his own version of the text, which is very much based on the well-known text, thomas glasmeyer brings the audience closer to the stage classic. The puppeteer’s affection for his audience: …My rhymes may be somewhat different in parts, but you, you will surely forgive me for this, for at the very end" – i am sure – it will be a success: this puppet play by heinrich fausten – small and fine!

Freely adapted from goethe’s text, the old story of heinrich faust is told, who sells his soul to the devil in order to gain knowledge and, above all, money.
This works, also in this adaptation, only conditionally, because faust shows certain… (well, look at the "victim’s" calculus) is a success…). To make the confusion perfect, elements from faust II are added, which usually nobody understands anyway – not even mephisto (yes yes, the ways of the lord…), which is why he also looks down the tubes at the end. So everything is the same.

The director is martin menner, the music is by wolfgang salomon; text, set and acting are in the hands of thomas glasmeyer. Thomas glasmeyer was born in bochum in 1956. 1971 he started in H.-J. Fettig’s figurine theater "kellerasseln in stuttgart-degerloch. 1973-75 he then ran his own puppet theater in st. Blasien in the black forest. From 1978, he studied law in constance and wurzburg, but "sensibly" strengthened his position at the same time (as he says himself) his puppet production. In 1986 he gave a small vaudeville production with puppets at the wurzburg city theater. Since 1990 he has been working as a freelance puppet maker and performer, giving VHS courses and workshops for children and adults. From then on his repertoire has grown steadily.
Thomas glasmeyer, like the association kunsthaus e.V. Demanded by the cultural foundation of the district of lower franconia.

Tickets for the event of the kunsthaus e.V. In the gallery form and color, bahnhofstrabe 19, on friday, 13. July, at 19.30 o’clock, available in advance at hohmann’s manufactur and at the bookstore nikolaus. Possible remaining tickets are available at the box office.

On sunday, 15. July, the exhibition of manfred neuner "sea of clouds" ends. Then the gallery is closed until 29. September. On this day there will be a reading with maria unger, the day after, on 30.9. The vernissage of barbel grunewald "textile murals" will take place instead of.

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