District office: currently 582 refugees registered in kronach district

district office: currently 582 refugees registered in kronach district

"We handled it well; our measures worked", kronach's mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () sums up two and a half years after the rough wave of refugees. 326 migrants are still living in state housing in the district of kronach, according to the district administration office, and 256 others have also moved into housing on the open market (as at 31. January 2018). On 4. February 2016, 713 people were housed in state-run shelters.

Compared to other regions, the migrants in kronach county do not cause much of a stir anymore. For politicians and police, the decentralized accommodation system used in kronach, but scaled back throughout bavaria, is one reason for this.

"Everything is quiet here. Foreign crime is not a gross phenomenon", says gerhard anders, press spokesman for the kronach inspection department. For 2015, 2016 and 2017, his computer spit out between 500 and 600 entries under the keyword asylum. Anders: "there is no focus – neither in terms of location nor in the nature of the offenses." Driving without a license, social welfare fraud and unauthorized residence have been found to be on the rise. In addition, there were quiescent disturbances and arguments among the refugees themselves. "There are no known cases of shoplifting or even robberies and rapes."

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