Different location and new boiler

Different location and new boiler

Will the planned woodchip heating system for the scheblitz schools be one of the first building blocks for the future regional plants?? In the district and environment committee, the tendency toward such a solution became apparent in any case. "Integration into the regional works would be very good", said district construction manager gabriele pfeff-schmidt.

The biomass heating plant is to supply the school center with secondary school, middle school and giechburg school (forderschule) as well as the fire department building in bamberger strabe with warmth already in the coming winter. The county committee and the environment committee decided last december that the county would assume responsibility for the project. Pfeff-schmidt now informed the members of both committees about the latest status.

On the one hand, the location has changed. Instead of developing a new area ("sudwest II") through urban land use planning, the facility is now to be built on a parcel of land next to the middle school, which belongs to an already developed commercial area. On the one hand, this means that the construction of the planned access road is not immediately necessary, and on the other hand, it saves the construction of an approximately 40-meter-long gas pipeline. Gas is still needed, however, because a new gas boiler is to be built to cover the peak load, instead of integrating the ageing heating system of the secondary school into the plant, as was previously planned.

The estimated cost of the entire plant thus rises to approximately 1.357 million euros. "The bottom line is that we don’t have to pay more", pfeff-schmidt emphasized in response to questions from johann pfister (BBL) and bernd fricke (grune) about the increase in costs. Renovation of the old heating system, according to the district construction manager, would be more uneconomical. The total costs are to be financed by the district’s own capital (731,000 euros, which is to be refinanced with the fees paid by the end users), a grant – already applied for – from the straubing technology and demand center (69,000 euros) and a loan from the k-bank (557,000 euros). With the liquidity of the district, the latter is not really necessary, noted district chamberlain klaus motschenbacher. The k-conditions, however, are very favorable.

The present offers for the supply of wood chips must now be examined. A good 700 tons of it are needed each year. The awarding of the contract has not yet been decided, but it is clear that both the forest owners’ association and the district’s own waste management company will provide the burning material.

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