Crooks send out false notary letters

Crooks send out false notary letters

It is nothing new that criminals always use similar tricks to get their hands on burgers' savings. In the past few weeks, several letters from an alleged notary from hamburg have appeared, offering recipients a windfall of 59 euros.000 euro promised.

To get the money, all you have to do is call a hamburger phone number. There, the bona fide "winners" will be informed told that the money is already in switzerland and that they will now have to pay a processing fee of 1.200 euros are due. The amount should then be transferred to the european foreign countries. As a result, some of the recipients contacted the police with the corresponding letter.

Rip-off by telephone

After the first investigations, it quickly became clear that the alleged profit letters were a crude attempt at fraud. The notary does not exist in hamburg. The telephone number only apparently leads to hamburg. The callers are directed unnoticed via this internet telephone number to fraudsters abroad, who then also receive the money they have received there.

The crooks try to pretend more respectability by the apparently notarial letters. Afterwards the criminals have an easy game. Because those who are recalling have already been duped, so to speak. The crooks do not have to independently call possible victims, but only wait for a return call.

The polizeiprasidium unterfranken warns again urgently against such fraudsters, because they have apparently sent a number of such letters nationwide. It may be that the alleged notary and telephone number also come from munich or nurnberg. In general, it is therefore important to be vigilant when receiving such letters, to never get involved in any money transactions with unknown persons on the phone and to inform the police immediately. Pole

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