Catering for the pilgrims is assured

Catering for the pilgrims is assured

The pilgrimage season in vierzehnheiligen has begun. Especially in may many pilgrims are expected from all directions. And they need something to eat and drink after the strenuous walk. But the inn "goldener hirsch is currently a construction site. The building will undergo general renovation for about a year, as will the three adjacent buildings of "haus frankenthal. But a remedy has been found. In the adjacent diozesan house there is enough capacity to supply and accommodate the pilgrims and tourists.

"We have already made a lot of progress", says raimund hummer, the manager of the vierzehnheiligen education center. All over the "golden hirschen and the three adjacent buildings are craftsmen busy with the reconstruction. "The restaurant and the beer garden will probably not be opened this year", says hummer. The hospitality is however daily from 10 to 18 o’clock in the diozesanhaus ensured.

400 to 500 lunches were needed daily during the high season. Normally this is done by the staff in both cakes. Now, however, they are set up to prepare these meals in the one kitchen. In addition to the house and conference guests of the diozesanhaus, there were now also pilgrims and tourists. The dining rooms in the diozesanhaus are well suited to accommodate the pilgrims, the 51-year-old continues, because they were recently redesigned.

In the "house frankenthal, which until now has had around 50 guest rooms with approx. 100 beds, the number of beds will be slightly reduced because the buildings will be made barrier-free, says hummer. Six rooms on the first floor have been made completely handicapped accessible. In addition, modern fire protection will be provided and a sprinkler system will be installed. The kitchen of the inn will be completely renewed.

The archdiocese of bamberg, which is the owner of the building, is responsible for the construction work. In order to make the inn area more attractive in the future, the planners have come up with a number of ideas. In the center of the four houses there will be a rough atrium. Those who sit down to eat there in the future will have a direct view of the basilica towers, explains raimund hummer. This light-flooded atrium connects the building components with each other.

The existing terrace in front of the "golden stag will be expanded, he continued. There will be a bar of grapes, just like in a typical french beer garden. In the terrace area with an unobstructed view of the front of the basilica, a place of relaxation is to be created, which is especially suitable for families with children. A play corner will be integrated here.

Raimund hummer and his team are already considering whether the previous opening hours of the beer garden of 6 p.M. Should be changed. "I could imagine extending this during the week and designating a kind of "home evening" until 8 p.M.", announces hummer. This is an offer that benefits locals, hikers and bicycle tourists, especially in the summer, because the pilgrims have usually already left by this time. Raimund hummer also wanted to offer something for e-bike riders, whose batteries are empty from the energy-consuming climb: several chargepoints are included in the concept.

Around 50 employees – many of them part-time – work in the diozesan houses. As a conference venue, the houses are open to anyone seeking seminar space for political or social topics. The houses work there like a modern hotel. Cooks and hotel clerks are trained here. "We have put a lot of effort into professionalizing the operation", underlines raimund hummer "we have experts who have learned their trade from scratch".

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