Cheaper natural gas for eon: consumers are left out in the cold

Cheaper natural gas for eon: consumers are left out in the cold

Eon expects a positive earnings effect of one billion euros already for the first half of 2012, the company announced in dusseldorf on tuesday. The agreement that has now been reached will apply retroactively until 4 january 2009. Quarter 2010.

According to consumer protection experts, eon will initially be the sole beneficiary of the agreement. It is uncertain whether the price reductions will reach end consumers, holger krawinkel of the verbraucherzentrale bundesverband told dpa. This depends above all on the competitive situation on the gas market, the consumer user emphasized. It is conceivable that competition will now be fueled by eon’s more favorable purchasing conditions. For the end customers, however, the price development for gas is currently running in exactly the opposite direction.

After prices had been on the decline in recent years – a trend that even eon could not escape – many utilities have been announcing price increases to their customers for some months now. Just a few days ago, eon announced price increases for its five regional utilities of up to almost six percent on average as of 1 january 2009. September announced.

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Meeder’s trouble with the roads

The municipal council of meeder has decided in its youngest meeting on monday for a full extension of the connecting road between the estate and the municipality of kleinwalbur, that is, to the county road CO17. Previously, civil engineer jurgen kittner had explained the facts of the case in detail. The bottom line is that three possible offers remain. However, the three companies agreed that they did not want to give any guarantees for a real success of the deep-tree acceptance tests. This has already created some suspicion among council members. After kittner's detailed presentation and an equally extensive debate, the town council decided in favor of the full expansion; nine town council members were in favor and six against it. Another idea was to simply resurface the road. Norbert gleichmann () was one of the skeptics: "there is no need for a full expansion." Matthias korn (CSU/landvolk) suggested that first of all the necessary costs should be determined and any possible demands explored. "We still have many vines in the same condition", said korn. In fact, some things are still unclear at the moment. On request, engineer kittner estimated the possible costs for a full expansion at around half a million euros. The possible demand is uncertain, and it is also uncertain what the construction companies are prepared to offer in view of the current demand.

There was also a great need for discussion before a decision was taken to draw up a "project-related development plan" in the kleinwalbur district for the "grobwalburer rothen" area. The agricultural contractor sebastian oppel is currently based in wiesenfeld. But the company needs more space than before and therefore wants to relocate to kleinwalbur. A machine hall with a workshop, sanitary facilities, staff rooms and a small gas station are to be built there. The construction of a single-family house is planned; in this house will be later also the office. A photovoltaic plant is also planned. Authorities, local authorities, nature conservationists and other various public interest groups have been able to express their opinions in the course of the procedure. There was in the council a huge package of beschlussen. The reason: the area itself is designated as agricultural flat and as such already enjoys some privileges. But sebastian oppel's business is classified as an "agricultural farm" a commercial enterprise under building law.

Defense confirmed

The municipal council approved a change in the development plan for the purpose of extending schierleinsgasse in grobwalbur. The issue is the possibility of new building land. The council also approved the election of new commander joachim scheler and his vice dietmar halboth at the fire department ottowind. 

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Csu makes opnv an issue

The 2019 district budget and the further development of local public transport (opnv) were the main topics of the regular closed-door meeting of the CSU district council caucus. Party chairman walter nussel had invited andreas mader, one of the two VGN managing directors, as an expert, according to the party.

A large part of the discussions was devoted to the increasingly harsh criticism of users regarding the high fares in the area covered by the network. Considerations such as a 365-euro ticket were very attractive at first glance, but ultimately had to be financed seriously, according to a preliminary conclusion shared by VGN managing director mader. He took a clear position: "if something is to become cheaper, someone has to compensate for it!"

County levy should decrease

For the CSU district council, there is no question that we must continue to work on optimizing the public transport system in the district, including, above all, the attractiveness of the service, stronger networking of different modes of transport and a more user-friendly infrastructure such as standardized ticket vending machines. The CSU faction supports the proposal of district administrator alexander tritthart to increase the funds for the opnv in the budget by 100,000 euros. The district is in an excellent financial position, so this is possible without hesitation. In the 2019 budget year, it will be possible to get by without new debt. Tritthart’s proposal to reduce the county levy by 1.35 percent was therefore also particularly welcomed.

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New photovoltaic plant planned for 26 hectares

The change of the land use plan and the creation of a development plan "hauslein" for the already discussed new photovoltaic field in the area of the aussiedlerhofe was presented by martin beil of the commissioned planning company in the meeting of the community council.

Wattmanufactur, a renewable energy company based in schleswig-holstein, germany, plans to build a photovoltaic plant on 26 hectares of land. With the necessary marginal strips and compensation areas, around 31 hectares of agricultural land are to be used for the new plant to be built. The costs for the new plans are borne by the energy company, which has already concluded preliminary contracts with the landowners.

Species protection is examined

With regard to the development plan, a possible soil monument in the plan area must be taken into account. With regard to the existing fauna, species protection assessments are still to be carried out. Beil explained that if the project proceeds according to plan, the plant is expected to be completed in the first half of 2010. The project is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021. The municipal council gives its approval to the preliminary draft of the plan. Mayor rainer morper (ABB/community of interest) noted that the community wanted to create opportunities for renewable energy to help protect the climate. The plans will now be forwarded to the public authorities, the authorities involved and the neighboring communities for their comments. The plan for the early participation of the citizens is to be implemented in short and for the first time also on the internet.

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Neuses floaters stand in starting holes

Neuses floaters stand in starting holes

It’s a hard job for the neuss burglars every year when the main flob is assembled at the customs shears. From thursday to saturday, about 20 volunteers were on the job to remove the 18-tonne vehicle from the 3. May to make fit for the beginning of the flea season. Then, until the end of september, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the romance of flooding on the rodach every thursday at 7 p.M.

The area between the neuseser floblande at the upper weir of the zollschere to the landesgartenschaugelande in kronach was flobbed. For the 1.5-kilometer-long route, the floats need about 50 minutes. After a short stay, it’s back to the customs shears again. Sometimes there are up to 50 guests on the mainflob, which is 20 meters long and 6.5 meters wide. However, with such a large number of visitors, the floats will have to work hard to cope with the countercurrents. However, until that time comes, a labor-intensive assembly must take place every year in teamwork. There is then hammering, drilling and screwing, what the stuff holds. 21 mighty spruce trunks form the "foundation of the flob. Indispensable is the spacious flobhutte, where you can make yourself comfortable. Beer table sets were also not to be missed.

Historical background

The recreational event with a historical background finds a large following every year. Registrations have been received from all over germany, chairman dieter endres is pleased to report. In a good season, up to 3000 guests are registered.

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Tens of thousands demonstrate against police law change

Tens of thousands demonstrate against police law change

About 30.000 people protested in munich against the planned new version of the bavarian police task law (PAG), according to official figures. The organizers even spoke of more than 40.000 participants.

"We demonstrate loudly, but peacefully," said simon strohmenger of the "nopag – no" alliance! On the new "police task law", to which numerous organizations and parties belong. Due to the large crowds, the kick-off rally at christi himmelfahrt at the central marienplatz had to be cancelled. The demonstrators marched through the city center to odeonsplatz, where there was a final rally.

Last summer, the CSU passed a new police task law with its absolute majority in the state parliament. This is intended to massively expand the powers of the police.

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Being there in difficult times

Being there in difficult times

The christian palliative and hospice service of caritas is pleased about strengthening. Nine women went in search of meaning from march to november under professional guidance. They came to terms with their lives to date and learned the importance of appreciative communication in their dealings with other people. They made themselves aware that there are also psychological and social pains that can be alleviated well without medication. They visited the palliative care unit at the bamberg hospital, dealt with burial and mourning, examined what spirituality means for each individual, and practiced special oral care and basal stimulation. All this was then deepened by an internship at the caritas social stations or a care facility.

But also the hospice caregivers who are already on duty, as well as nurses from the caritas social stations, received further training in hospice care. The director of the hospice academy for social services in nurnberg, martin alsheimer, challenged the course participants with a super acting performance as a seriously ill, condemned person with suicidal thoughts, in order to accompany people in crisis, to be able to shape transitions.

The participants also had a hard time with the mental self-experience of being a doomed mother of small children. Mart5in alsheimer gave guidance and help over and over again and conveyed how important empathic communication is. The point is to give plenty of time to respond to the other person, to confirm, to ask questions, or to be able to leave words alone for a moment. Conclusion: "it is good that i am there.".

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U.s. Banks threaten new billion payments

u.s. banks threaten new billion payments

The agreement could still be announced during the course of monday, wrote the "new york times" and the "wall street journal," among others, citing people in the know.

American banks have been criticized for years for questionable foreclosure methods. The topic is red-hot in the USA because the bursting of the real estate bubble and the ensuing financial and economic crisis caused millions of americans to lose their homes because they could no longer pay their loan installments. Many debtors have lost their homes unfairly, bank regulators say.

Especially the so-called robo-signing had caused an uproar. Translated, this means "robotic signing".

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Pain and joy on boa vista

pain and joy on boa vista

Coburg/boa vista – just before the christmas markets open in germany, four runners from coburg started their journey to the cape verde islands at the end of november to take part in the boa vista ultramarathon.

The 150KM ultramarathon is a non-stop race, where the participants have to run to a total of 15 checkpoints. Apart from water, the runners will not be provided with any food or drink during this torture.

Therefore every participant carries a backpack with mandatory equipment. This includes z.B. A sleeping bag, signal whistle and mirror, compass, rescue blanket, food with min. 4000 kcal, flashlight, spare batteries and space for min. 1.5l of water. Spare clothes and personal equipment (medicines, bandages) are also recommended.

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Anger of the world champion: hamilton doubts formula 1 justice

anger of the world champion: hamilton doubts formula 1 justice

In his anger, lewis hamilton left formula 1 with an awkward debate on his departure from sochi.

The world champion, who was deprived of michael schumacher’s winning record in russia, feels persecuted by the track judges and casts doubt on fair formula 1 justice. "No one has ever been penalized for something like this before. It seems as if we had to fight against resistance," the world championship leader scolded.

But that’s not enough of hamilton’s general criticism: the penalty points recently handed out by the race commissioners are "ridiculous," his overpowering mercedes team is under constant scrutiny, and the rules have been changed to make the races more exciting. "They want to stop me, don’t they?" Said hamilton. Race director michael masi also got a broadside from the superstar. "We are on a wave long? I don’t think so," hamilton grimaced.

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