Carports replace garages at the fire station

Carports replace garages at the fire station

The three garages at the firehouse, which are rented out, will be demolished and replaced with two carports with a steel base structure. Cost: around 30.000 euro. That’s what the council’s building committee decided on tuesday evening.

The access to the parking areas will be in the future through the side road to the old waterworks and no longer through the forecourt of the fire department. This way, car owners and firefighters will no longer get in each other’s way. The latter hold on the forecourt again and again exercises. In addition, garages are expected to become available not far from the old waterworks, which the tenants will be able to use.

Construction engineer heiko schiwatsch from altenkunstadt presented the committee members with two demolition options for the garages, which are suffering from the ravages of time. They are rented and belong to the municipal apartments, which are located in the fire department building. The members of the committee decided on the following slogan. Since the existing garages were built into the slope, the yard used by the fire department will be secured against slipping off the slope by means of an angular retaining wall. How the transition to the courtyard will be designed, is to be determined at a local meeting.

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