Buying raffle tickets at the brk – a “must

Buying raffle tickets at the brk - a 'must

Reaching into the lottery pot with excitement and opening the little paper rolls – in the hope of a fair price and above all in the certainty of supporting the valuable work of the rescuers: a detour to the gluckshafen of the bavarian red cross (BRK) is a must for almost every visitor to the kronach free push. For the volunteers of the BRK family, the attraction means a lot of work, but they are happy to do it. The best thing for them is to present the new owners with great prizes such as stuffed animals, toys, useful household items and, of course, the iconic one-point prizes.

This year, too, raffle ticket buyers can look forward to a colorful assortment of toys, sporting goods, consumer goods and much more. BRK honorary manager ralf schmidt was again responsible for the purchase, this year for the first time together with silke weniger, head of the “rotkreuzbienchen”-nursery, responsible. Both companies have made a concerted effort to once again offer the gluckshafen region attractive prices that are suitable for every age group. No easy undertaking! “Actually, people have everything, female schmidt. Every year there are new trends in stuffed animals – this year pandas, dolphins, hamsters and especially unicorns, which had to be bought in may to get them. Camping items such as frying pans and small tents are also very much in vogue. In all of this, the emphasis is on quality. In particular, branded articles are being used – for example “lena” toys or “brother, both not exactly cheap.

The sale of raffle tickets is done exclusively on a voluntary basis. 120 helpers from the BRK’s extended family are working in several shifts this year. There are no problems in finding vendors. The service is fun; many have been involved for many years.

“Woman of the first hour” is irene muller, who has been helping out in various areas since 1972, when the former municipal gluckshafen was first rented to the BRK. She still remembers the early days when local companies donated rough special prizes – for example, sofas or televisions.

Even back then, there were the iconic small prizes such as “schneidteufela” and “mucknpatschen or even soap bubbles, small jewelry items and the obligatory airplanes.

The money stays in the county

The raffle proceeds are used, for example, to finance training and education for volunteers. "The redeemers can be sure that all their money will stay in the county and go directly back to the people", he emphasizes. In recent years, large sums have been invested in the safety and accessibility of the lottery ticket sellers. For example, the terrace in front of the gluckshafen – where the loskaufers are located – was provided with new foundations. The dilapidated buttresses had to be cancelled, replaced and underfounded. In addition, a ramp for the wooden plank floor was installed so that wheelchair users or parents with baby carriages can easily access the terrace. The visual appearance has also been improved.

Nevertheless, the gluckshafen remains an indispensable source of income for the BRK. Ticket sales are usually very good, but – according to schmidt – also to a certain extent dependent on the weather, for example on children’s day.

What has remained unchanged over the years is the location, which many people use as a meeting point to arrange a date or to find each other again if they lose sight of each other. The gluckshafen is owned by the schutzengesellschaft and rented by the BRK-kreisverband kronach. "The lot price remains unchanged at 40 cents per lot. We’ve probably had the prize for ten years, probably even longer", schmidt, who appeals with a smile: "everyone who visits the open-air slide must buy at least one lottery ticket!"

Hopefully, the lids of the wooden boxes will open again this year and many people will proudly carry their BRK winnings across the hay. The stuffed animals have long been coveted not only by the youngest visitors. Usually at an advanced hour and in a bit of a beer mood, adults also decide to buy a stuffed animal – simply for the fun of it. "You can’t necessarily explain it with your mind", laughs irene muller "but that’s just pushing the envelope!"

In addition to the gluckshafen, the red cross is naturally also represented with a sanitation guard at the entrance of the free shove. Here, the sanitary workers, who are also volunteers, provide emergency first aid and rapid assistance for all festival visitors – from minor injuries to sudden serious illnesses.

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